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Treat your hair this party season

We have hooked up with the fantastic team at SHOW Dry to offer all of our Notting Hill residents a complimentary Express Blow Dry.

SHOW Dry offer truly exceptional services in their sophisticated, state of the art boutique on Westbourne Grove, offering the ultimate blow dry suited to each client’s individual style.


Simply enjoy any two services from blinkbrowbar on Ledbury Road, Notting Hill to receive this complimentary treat.

Call our team in store to book an appointment today 020 7221 1663.

Get Started Brow Kit

Treat yourself or a loved one this Christmas and give the gift of beautiful brows with our new Get Started Brow Kit. Packed with our most-loved essentials for perfectly groomed brows, this Kit will ensure you have the sleekest brows in town, all from your own home. Jaimineey our Head Therapist teaches you how to use:


Step 1: PREP

Start with our bestselling Nourishing Brow Oil to strengthen and condition the brow hairs. Simply glide the rollerball applicator across the entire eyebrow area, and leave overnight to speed up brow growth, now that’s beauty sleep!

Although we would recommend leaving the shaping to our expert therapists, we understand that a quick tidy up between appointments is often necessary, especially with all those Christmas parties to get to. Our bbrowbar Tweezers are made from high quality stainless steel with precision ground tips to grip even the finest hairs. Follow your natural arch and remove only a few stray hairs from the fuller area of your brow – be careful not to get carried away!

Step 2: SET

First, apply our creamy Highlighter to give the eyes an instant lift by accentuating the arch and defining brows. Apply to the brow bone under your eyebrows following the arch. Blend with the smudge sponge for a soft pearly finish, or layer the applications to intensify the pearly effect. This immediately creates a contouring effect and defines the eye area.

The final step is to apply our award winning Brow Gel. Start at the middle point of the brow and brush in the direction of the hair growth towards the tail end. To manipulate and accentuate the shape, brush up at the front of the brow and arch for a bolder, fuller finish. bbrowbar Brow Gel is the ultimate grooming tool for defined and strong eyebrows that keep their shape all day.



Our bbrowbar Get Started Kit is just £40 this Christmas, saving a massive £27!

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Welcome Imbibery

We’re excited to announce that green juice royalty, Imbibery London is now available to buy at blinkbrowbar, Notting Hill.

Imbibery London is the result of two best friends, Lily and Meryl who met at university in the U.S. and moved from New York City to London, where they longed for accessible cold-pressed juices. After many European adventures and the subsequent need to detox, the girls decided that if the only way to get a cold-pressed juice—without committing to a full cleanse—was to make it themselves, then that’s what they would do!

We will be stocking their bestselling green juice, Greeña Colada. The juice contains cold-pressed spinach, pineapple and coconut water. We all know that spinach is the ultimate superfood and that its benefits are endless from stronger bones to a glowing complexion. Pineapple will boost your energy levels and the coconut water is incredibly hydrating.

Pick one up in store for £6 now!


Create the perfect Halloween Smokey Eye

Whilst some people will be out shopping for devil horns, or perhaps a long dark cape, we know that Halloween is all about the make-up!

Halloween provides the perfect excuse to go braver and bolder so we’re going to show you how to create a flawless smokey-eye that will transform you in to a glamorous ghoul.

Group Looks

If you’re going to be dancing until dawn, you need to ensure that your smokey eye can go the distance! Learn how below.

STEP 1: With its long lasting creamy formula, our bbrowbar Highlighter doubles up as a perfect base. Apply the chubby pencil across the entire eye lid, using the smudge sponge to blend.

STEP 2: Reach for our bbrowbar Black Kajal Pencil and apply a thick stroke along the lash line on both your lower and upper eye lid. Use the sponge applicator to blend and soften the colour.

STEP 3: Although originally designed to thicken brows, bbrowbar Brow Powder works perfectly as a dramatic eyeshadow. Using our Brow Powder (in Cardamom Pod shade), you can now build on the frame you have created with the Kajal pencil. Tap away any excess powder from the sponge applicator and gently apply to the eye-lid, starting at the inside corner of the eye. Use soft strokes to slowly build colour and create your desired shape.

STEP 4: Now you’re ready to add drama with a pair of bbrowbar Strip Lashes. Use a pair of nail scissors to trim the lashes to the size of your lids, then carefully apply the eyelash glue waiting for it to become tacky. Using one hand to hold down your eyelid, use the other hand to gently press the strip to the base of your lashes. Use tweezers to help nudge the strip in to place.

Top Tip: Once the lashes are holding properly you can reapply a stroke of Kajal Pencil along the line of the strip lashes.

STEP 5: You can add more depth to your makeup by contouring your lips with bbrowbar Black Kajal Pencil. Apply a red lipstick first, then draw a line with the Kajal Pencil. Using a brush, blend the black shade into the red lipstick.



Shop bbrowbar products:

bbrowbar Highlighter £16 / $27

bbrowbar Black Intense Kajal Pencil £13 / $23

bbrowbar Brow Powder in Cardamom Pod £15 / $28

bbrowbar Strip Lashes Lattice £10 / $18

Give your brows some TLC this winter

Brows need the same TLC as hair and skin, and the latest addition to our bbrowbar range makes this a whole lot easier! The bbrowbar Conditioning Duo, Day & Night help to keep your brows nourished and healthy, even in the cold weather.


Jaimineey, our head Therapist and certified brow-guru explains HOW TO:

The Day cream has been formulated with both Shea and Cocoa butter which will moisturise, soften and condition your brows. This balm should be applied before make-up as part of your morning moisturising routine and will leave your brows ready for flawless make-up application.

The Night balm acts as a mask for your brows. With evening primrose oil known for its wonderful repairing properties, this balm also includes wheat germ oil high in anti-oxidants to prevent aging of the hair. This balm should be applied across the brow-bone before bed, allowing it to work its magic whilst you sleep.

Top tip: Use the bbrowbar tamer to blend and brush the balms through your brows. This will ensure that you’re coating every single hair with the wonderful nourishing formula.


Both day and night balms have been created using bbrowbar’s 3 signature ingredients:

Sweet almond known for its nourishing benefits.
Rosemary to stimulate hair growth.
Lavender and Sandalwood for their balancing properties and warm aroma.

Shop now for £26 >

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LFW proves Bold Brows are here to stay

Strong brow game dominated the catwalks at NYFW and LFW last month.
Makeup artists from Christopher Kane, Burberry and Paul Smith all embraced the bold brow look, proving that it’s here to stay! Yay!



STEP 1: Use a brow tamer to brush hairs upwards in the same direction as hair growth.

STEP 2: Use a brow pen, the same shade as your natural hair colour to fill in any gaps or sparse areas. Light, short strokes can be used for a natural brow, or push harder to create greater impact.

STEP 3: Reach for that brow tamer again, and this time use to blend the colour and groom hairs back in to place.

STEP 4: Finish with a highlighter pencil to lift and illuminate your brow arch. Apply to the brow bone, following your natural arch to define the eye area. Then blend using the smudge sponge for a soft finish.

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EMMY Awards 2015: Top Beauty Looks

Arguably the biggest night in the television calendar, last night’s Emmy awards were awash with style and sophistication. The red carpet was on fire (and not just because of the scorching LA heat), see below for our top 3 beauty looks from the show.

Scream Queen’s Emma Roberts made a bold statement, contrasting her peroxide blonde hair with dark brows. The contrast of light and dark provides her delicate face with a high-impact frame.

Emma Roberts

Scandal’s Kerry Washington looked every part the leading lady. With her hair swept into a faux bob, and a very natural low-arch brow, it was her smoky eye and long glossy lashes that stole the show.

Kerry Washington

Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland used her bold brows to perfectly frame a metallic smoky eye. All complimented by a chic and soft wavy bob.

Sarah Hyland 2

NYFW: The Beauty Trends

As New York Fashion Week draws to a close, we wanted to share with you our favourite beauty trend to come out of the shows; and while you have to wait six long months before you can get your hands on the fashion, the beauty looks are available right now!

The trends for Spring 2016 consisted of a multitude of different looks. There were subtle, bronzed faces donning one catwalk, with daring and colourful looks taking centre stage at the next. Our favourite I hear you ask?

Effortless beauty. Make-up artist focus was on creating a natural and healthy glow, with very subtle eye make-up, finishing with a bold and (dare we say it) slightly un-kept looking brow.

See below for our top looks:

Proenza Schouler, by Diane Kendal

Proenza Schouler, by Diane Kendal


DKNY by Yadim

DKNY by Yadim

HOW TO: Start with bbrowbar Brow Powder to build thickness, colour and texture. Use the bbrowbar Tamer to shape and fix any unruly hairs and to perfect your arch. Finally, complete the look with bbrowbar Brow Gel which defines and sets for a look that will last all day (and night!).

Get the Look Products

Next stop… London!

Proud Brow: Get The Look

Last week we announced the gorgeous Neelam Gill as the new face of Blinkbrowbar. The British model is quickly becoming known for her bold set of brows, and she couldn’t be prouder of them!

Want to know how to achieve Neelam’s elegant arch and contoured silhouette? Read below to find out how to get the look.

Step 1. Brush your brows out using the bbrowbar Tamer and tweeze any stray hairs for a smooth, clean canvas. These tools are included in Neelam’s Limited Edition Brow Kit.
Neelam Brow Kit

Step 2. Using the correct eyebrow stencil to mimic your natural eyebrow shape, place over your brow and gently shade in with bbrowbar Brow Powder using soft and gradual strokes.
Sketch 1

Step 3. Contour your brows and make your eyes pop with bbrowbar Highlighter, blending across the brow bone and the inner corner of your eyes.
Sketch 2

Neelam Limited Edition Brow Kit (£35)
bbrowbar Brow Powder (£15)
bbrowbar Highlighter (£16)

Come on gals, wear your brows with pride!

Hello Neelam Gill!

Today is a very exciting day at blinkbrowbar HQ as we have a huge announcement to make…

Neelam Gill, the all-British runway darling and long-standing blinkbrowbar fan has become our first official UK ambassador!

1829v2A (640x492) Resized for social

Neelam made her high fashion debut as the first Indian face of Burberry Prorsum’s SS14 campaign, walking exclusively in their show the same season. Her distinct look has catapulted her onto the world stage, breaking down the barriers for all different ethnicities and redefining the modelling world. In this year alone Neelam has walked for Kanye West’s AW15 collaboration with Adidas in Paris and has worked with some of the best photographers in the business such as Rankin, Steven Klein and Mario Testino. Impressive right?!

How to Tame Wayward Brows

When age turns your formerly smooth, well-behaved brows into wayward, wiry rebels, you’re going to need some extra help. Sabah Feroz, resident brow expert at blinkbrowbar at Saks Fifth Avenue, New York, shares her expert advice with  on how to tame those furry dragons in 5 easy steps:


1. Trim long hairs.


Using a tamer to comb hair straight up toward your hairline. Then, grab a small pair of scissors to trim any hairs that extend above your natural brow’s border.

2. Fill in the gaps.


Using light, upward strokes, fill any visible spaces in your brows with a Brow Pen or Definer. Immediately after, brush your brows (again, using upward strokes) with the Tamer to blend the Pen’s color before it dries.

3. Define.


With a soft, wax-based pencil like bbrowbar Pencil, draw a faint outline around your natural brow shape. Then, use that Tamer (yes, again), to brush your brows upward and downward—this smudges and blends the outline into your brows to keep things looking natural.

4. Gel & Fix.


To set wiry hairs and tame wayward strays, we recommend brushing through brows once more with a tinted brow gel like bbrowbar Eyebrow Grooming Gel ($23/£17, Use short, gentle strokes away from the center of your face on either side.

5. Highlight


For a final touch that will make the eyes pop and contour the face, dot blinkbrowbar’s Highlighter in Pearly White ($24/£16, along the underside of your brows, just above the arc of your brow bone, says Feroz. Then, using the sponge tip, blend the lighter shade across your brow bone.

Tip: To smooth coarse brows for the long haul, swipe Blink’s Nourishing Brow Oil ($25/£16, over your brows at night to encourage growth, keep them soft and the skin beneath them hydrated.

Get The Look- Ruby Rose

Going into season three of Orange Is the New Black—available for binge watching on Netflix now—we knew little about the new inmate shaking things up at Litchfield. But after some serious googling, we’ve found that Stella Carlin is not all that different from the striking real-life beauty who plays her. Ruby Rose, like Carlin hails from Australia, sports an androgynous look, and is completely comfortable and confident in her own tattoo-covered skin. Recently interviewed by our friends over at Net-a-Porter, Rose states that her beauty look is ‘A strong brow, a neutral lip and contouring makeup’.

We love her androgynous style, contrasted with her classically beautiful looks it’s not surprise that the 29 year first cut her teeth on the media bone as a model. Although she says that she got rejected for being ‘too edgy’ to star in campaigns for the main stream bookings “I wanted to be something,” says Rose, “to prove to the girls in high school, and to prove to my mum and dad, that I could be really…spectacular.”


With a hand in acting, modeling, designing, and DJ’ing, this multi-tasking chick isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and we already think that this beauty has made a spectacular entrance.



Get The Look:

Rose’s beauty look proves that if you’ve got a fringe/bangs, then groomed brows still have their place in framing your face. Here’s how to create her thick, boyish brows:

1. Prep brows and brush through with a Tamer to ensure that you have a smooth, clean and groomed canvas.

2. Starting at the middle point of your brow, tapping off any excess, apply bbrowbar Brow Powder in the colour of your choice– We like to go darker for this look to add a punchy edge. Use light short strokes in the direction of your hair growth and fill in and thicken the arch with the powder ending at the tail of the brow. Finish with a few strokes at the front of the brow but make sure you go light on the application here, otherwise you’ll end up with a painted on look.

Watch the how to video, below:

3. If you prefer a sharper tail end, then define the edges with bbrowbar Brow Pen.

4. Set and brush through with bbrowbar Brow Gel in either coloured for an intense finish, or clear if your brows already own a dark tone.



Wax Off For A Super Smooth Summer.

Whilst we are loving this season’s trend for all things 70s in the wardrobe department, when it comes to bikini lines and summer skin, we’re all about 2015 ladies and gents!


And whilst we also get that it’s not the most relaxing of treatments to have, we promise you that the quote ‘more painful than childbirth’ doesn’t apply here. Whilst resting within the discretion of our calming waxing treatment rooms, our super speedy, highly accurate therapists will have you in and out within 20 minutes with a lighter step and bikini ready.


blinkbrowbar Tip: New to waxing? A little scared? Don’t be. Start off with just the bikini line and each time you have a wax request to edge inwards if you prefer less hair-down-there. Before you know it you’ll be asking for the Hollywood without so much as a batter of those eyelids!

And the more you wax, the less painful it becomes. So try to keep to 3-4 week appointments for less hair and smoother skin in the long run.

And as for shaving, it really is best left for his beard. It can irritate your skin and leave cuts and nicks, which leave behind portals for bacteria to enter—a.k.a infection city! Shaving can also lead to hyper-pigmentation on the bikini line and underarms which can also toughen the skin- Stubble just doesn’t isn’t an attractive attribute!

View our waxing treatments below and get booked in for a premium, smoother and longer lasting finish.

  • Bikini (hot wax) £30
  • Brazilian – A tidy up leaving the bare essentials (hot wax) £45
  • Bollywood – Leaving nothing to the imagination (hot wax) £50
  • Underarms (hot wax) £20
  • Half Legs £30
  • Full Legs £45
  • Full Legs with Bikini £60
  • Half Arms £25
  • Full Arms £35
  • Back Wax £50
  • Stomach Wax £30
  • Full Wax (arms, legs, underarms, basic bikini) £100

Book your waxing, HERE.

Beauty Wins From The Tony Awards 2015

For theatre’s biggest night, the best beauty looks walking the red carpet were divided.

For Best Actress in a Leading Role in a Play, nominees Elisabeth Moss and Carey Mulligan opted for the the timeless appeal of red lip stain contrasted with a modern spin of a silky blowout—a look also seen on model Grace Mahary.


Elisabeth Moss


Carey Mulligan


Gracy Mahary

Meanwhile, Amanda Seyfried was fresh from the matinee performance from The Way We Get By and went for a low key chignon and smokey eyes. Shimmering nude make up seemed to be the order of the day with bold, natural eyebrows groomed and teased into a natural shape and held in place with texturising gel. Advocates included Constance Jablonski and Kendall Jenner who made the most of an early summer’s golden glow.


Amanda Seyfried


Constance Jablonski


Kendall Jenner

New In- The Ultimate Tweezers

As the Eyebrow Experts, we LOVE the method of threading and believe that the best way of creating the perfect brow-whatever the style you want, is with the ancient method of threading.


But, after listening to our clients and their beauty needs, we understand that a excellent pair of tweezers is still a must-have in everyone’s make-up bags. In-between your threading appointments we also advise not to pluck any hairs out, but we also appreciate that this is easier said than done, so we thought the only thing to do is to supply you with the best tweezers possible for that hard-to-crack beauty habit- And lets be honest, it a hair springs up in-between your brows, you’re going to want to be rid of it!


                                                  BBROWBAR TWEEZERS

Super sleek, these angled tweezers have been ergonomically designed by our eyebrow experts for the ultimate precision in hair removal- For those of you who just can’t resist that stray hair.


Crafted from high quality, stainless steel with precision ground tips to grip even the finest hairs, BBROWBAR Tweezers will remove the unwanted in a flash.

TIP!: Make sure you clean your tweezers after each use and remove any particles on the tips to prevent any ingrowing hairs. If you’ve sensitive skin then apply a cooling gel directly to the area to minimise redness. Our BBROWBAR Rose Water Gel and Aloe Vera Gel are soothing and cooling, whatever your skin type.

Lighten Up With Blink Brow Bar

Never underestimate the power of a defined brow; often referred to by make-up artists as the coat hangers of the face, eyebrows frame all of your facial features.

So what happens when you to bleach them out altogether? From Kim Kardashian to Miley Cyrus, to Lara Stone, celebrities have been experimenting with a bare brow.…

Uma Thurman

Fair haired Uma Thurman’s full, ash blonde brows frame her Californian blue eyes. But the starlet was almost unrecognisable at her new show The Slap in New York in February 2015. Uma debuted an altogether new look sporting barely-there, blonder-than-blonde brows.


Kim Kardashian

Kim’s heart shaped face and perfectly contoured features are framed by her perfectly arched, dark eyebrows. But for Kendall’s birthday party, Kim posted a picture on Instagram where those bold brows had been replaced with barely-there bleached brows. A contemporary look that didn’t last long with the classic beauty, but we rather liked this quirky look.


Cara Delevingne

All hail the Cara-brow. So famous, they have their own Twitter account. But what happened when the Burberry model takes her trademark away? A new trend, of course. Walking for the Givenchy SS15 show, the model’s brows were bleached white-blonde and contrasted with a dramatic feline flick on the eye. We personally love Cara with her trademark brows, but this look proved that she isn’t just a pretty set of brows.


Miley Cyrus

The Bangers singer showcased that brows really do frame the face- For a really good reason. We’re not fans of this look on the singer. Bring back those soft chocolate brows, we say.


Would you go for the bleached out brow? It’s a strong look that can completely transform your face if you fancy a change and are thinking of going lighter for spring. If a complete white-out is a tad too drastic, then lifting your natural tone up a few notches is a great way to dip your toe into the trend.

Tempted? Book in with Blink Brow Bar and one of our therapists will consult you on which shade we would recommend you go for to get your desired look. Book HERE

Blink’s Top Tips To Survive The Awkward Grow-out Phase.

You know it has to happen, and you’ve probably been putting it off for too long now as the thought of regrowth is just too plain grim, and we completely get how awkward it can be, but if you want fuller, beautifully shaped brows, the awkward stage is a must. But Blink have some genius ways to styling it out- Here are our top tips for re-growth success.

Tip 1: Use a serum.
Look back at your high school pictures pre-puberty and the discovery of tweezers- That’s your inspiration. You can do it, you can have that much hair, but it can take months for hair to grow back in, so be patient, have faith and apply that serum morning and evening. Religiously.

Lourdes definitely hadn't discover tweezers at this point....

Lourdes definitely hadn’t discover tweezers at this point….

Tip 2: Trim.

Whilst you’re waiting for those brows to grow, you can encourage your existing brows to thicken to give your brows a better and stronger shape overall. Being careful not to scalp yourself, gently trim any longer, stray brow hairs to encourage them to grow back thicker. Only trim the very top off, as if you trim to much you’ll alter your brow shape. If you’re not too sure then visit Blink Brow Bar and book a consultation with our experts who can give you bespoke treatments, advice and products for your eyebrows.

Trim a little to thicken a lot!

Trim a little to thicken a lot!

Tip 3: CHEAT.

Invest in a few products to define your brows throughout those awkward stages. Powders are a great way to thicken up thin brows as you can really faux thickness and fill in extremely sparse areas with just a touch of powder. Learn how to use our B Brow Powder here. Finish with a gel to define and tease your hairs into the places that you want them to go, to really make the most of what you have.

Tip 4: Experiment.

Long gone are the days when it was just the pencil that we had to rely on, to really make the most of our brows. Now, Blink have an abundance of options for you to try out. If you love the control of the pencil then our Definer is the next level product. Gradually build up hair using the definer to create small, hair-like strokes for an ultra natural finish. If you want something quick, bold and fancy going for that all-out Cara look , the B Brow Powder really packs a punch, whilst the B Brow Pen is our go-to product for creating a defined and strong look.

B Options

Watch and learn how to use each B brow product on our You Tube Channel, HERE.

Tip 5. Tint it. 

A well applied tint will really transform not just your eye-area, but can completely change and frame your face. A tint should be one shade darker than your natural hair colour, and taking minutes to apply will give your brows the depth and presence to thicken the brow area and define your eyes. Book in with Blink for your tint patch test and get advice on what shade you should go for the perfect tint treatment.

tintingwebsite copy

A tint will last you from 2- 4 weeks.

Find out where our stores are and book your appointment at Blink Brow Bar.

Go From Worm-To-Wow With Build-A Brow

Want thicker, fuller brows and don’t have the time or patience to wait for your brows to grow out?
Whilst our Brow Oil is award winning, brilliant and is genuinely  used by everyone in the Blink offices within their beauty regime, sometimes, you need something immediate. And the solution?

We’ll build some for you!

Blink Brow Bar’s Build-A-Brow is a pioneering treatment that gives you your dream brows in just 1 treatment. Yes, you read right. that’s just one 90 minute treatment to give you fuller, stronger brows in the shape that you dream of.


Much like eyelash extensions, our highly trained therapists apply singular brow extensions with strong adhesive using tweezers and a steady hand to the existing baby-hairs, to fill in areas that need more hair. You’ll have a consultant pre treatment so that we can create the brow-shape and level of thickness that you want- We appreciate that you may want just a little more, which is why we also offer a 60 minute treatment.

The Results

Natural looking dream-brows that last 2-3 weeks. You’ll need to ensure that you look after them so check out all the deets, HERE

Available at Fenwick, new Bond Street, London and SAKs, Fifth Avenue, New York.

Book your treatment- HERE.

How to Get This Season’s Now-Brow

This season brows are bold, thick and luscious. Groomed but natural in shape, It’s all about the power-brow. Owning a straighter, more understated finish, brows are boyish and squared-out mirroring one of this season’s key trends of masculine-meets-feminine.
Here’s how to get the look with B The Eyebrow Experts:

Brush out your brows with the B Tamer to create a clean and groomed base to really see the natural shape of your eyebrows and arches.
The secret to achieving this bold but natural look is by starting the application at the centre of your brows with a powder to create a strong but soft texture. Apply B Brow Powder, moving outwards towards the brow tail using small, light strokes for a natural and even application.


Work with the shape you’ve got! Unless you’ve over-plucked in the past, nature will have created the best eyebrow shape for you, so keep to your natural shape, only playing down over-accented, or over-plucked arches by filling in the gaps using the Brow Powder.
Choose a colour that matches, or one that is just slightly darker than your hair colour. Take the powder outwards, being careful not to take the tail shape downwards as this can cause your eye area to look droopy.


Brush up and fill in any sparse hairs at the front of the brows with the excess powder on the
wand, being careful not to over-do it to keep things natural looking.
Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 17.37.08

TIP- If you prefer a sharp tail, then B Brow Pen will give super definition and a colour that won’t
budge. Ensure that you keep the tail-end horizontal to achieve this boyish look.












The Best Eyebrow Shapes to Flatter Your Face

Like haircuts, eyebrow shapes aren’t one-size-fits-all. Your perfect brows depend on the dimensions of your face, and by going for the right arches, you can take years off, accentuate your best features and wear less make-up elsewhere.

Once, most women would take their mascara as their desert island beauty product, but as the bold brow proves it’s beauty prowess, more of us are dropping lacquered lashes in exchange for defined and strong eyebrows.

By choosing the right brow-shape the entire eye area can be opened up and work to improve your face’s symmetry. The perfect brow for you can make you look fresh, rested and healthy.

Sound good to you? Then read on.

For starters, your unique face shape plays a role in determining which brow shapes will work best for you. We’ve broken down each face shape and how you can achieve your own golden arches.



A square jawline really defines the angularity of the rest of the face, so keep away from anything to angular in the brow department- it’s not needed! A Blink therapist will ensure that your brows are given a softly groomed shape that can bring out the temple area, defining cheekbones. Apply B Brow Powder to add depth to your arches and keep things natural. Or if you’re after a stronger finish our B Brow Pen can be used to build up a deeper colour brow.

TIP- If you’re fair, treat your eyebrows to a tint as well as a regular thread to save time and add immediate definition.




If your face is round you want to make sure your brows are angular at the outer corners to create a balance. Because rounder faces need a little help in creating definition to the bone structure, a strong arch can bring out cheekbones, pull out and widen the eye area.

TIP- If you’ve over-plucked and need to grow you eyebrows out before they’re threaded and re-shaped then use a brow-oil to encourage and quicken regrowth. Try B Nourishing Brow Oil which has rosemary oil to stimulate hair growth.



To balance out a long face which owns vertically stretched features, flat, straight-across brows and an extended brow-tail will really help to highlight and exaggerate horizontal features. By going for regular threading appointments, you can gradually change your eyebrow shape towards this if your brows aren’t naturally playing ball.

TIP- Be careful not to extend the eyebrow tail downwards, extend straight across otherwise your brows can appear droopy, and nobody wants a sad brow!


The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

Delicately shaped faces, such as heart shaped need to be treated with care. Bold brows are a strong trend, but don’t over do it, Cara fans! Because of a petite jawline and emphasis on the upper portion of the face, it’s important to keep brows groomed and not TOO thick. Don’t get us wrong though, thin brows are never a good look in our books. Keep things controlled, but never too bushy. A tightly kept brow will serve balance to a more petite chin and jawline.

TIP- Make definition a breeze with our B Brow Pen which helps to create a defined shape with a smooth application. You can learn more about how to use our amazing eyebrow product here.



chungoval A classic, balanced brow is perfect for this well-proportioned face shape- lucky you! The  the head of the brow needs to start at the bridge of your nose, which can be determined easily by vertically holding a pencil up to either side of your nose bone, whilst the arch of your eyebrows should be about two-thirds of the way out. Finish slightly the brow tail slightly longer than the outer corner of your eye for the perfect balance and tease brows into shape with a tamer to keep things groomed.

TIP- If you want to slim down or balance out a thick set or very slim nose, then try starting the brow further in or slightly further out from the start of your nose bone. Be careful not to over-do it though! Practice makes perfect!


Learn more about Blink Brow Bar and it’s treatments available HERE.















Define and Build With B The Eyebrow Experts’ Latest Brow Offering

Whether you want to keep things lowbrow, full browed or quite frankly you’re looking a little ‘no-brow’, Blink’s innovative B Brow Pen needs be your go-to beauty tool

Launched last month, our fine tipped pen allows you to create, shape and build up your brows with natural results.

Our latest addition to B The Eyebrow Expert’s beauty bounty, we thought that a little guidance would be helpful in using our newest recruit to it’s full potential.

1.First things first, brush your brows through with a tamer to ensure you’ve got a clean and
groomed eyebrow to work with.

B Brow Tamer

2. Start at the arch, rather than the beginning of your brow start to apply your chosen B Brow Pen (there are 2 colours)- This is really important if you want a natural looking brow. Using an ultra gentle motion, create light, hair-like strokes and gradually build up to the desired effect.

B Brow Pen

3. Then, if your brows are really sparse at the front work at the start of the brow using feather like strokes to ensure a really natural effect.
4. For a stronger and darker eyebrow silhouette, blend the pen into the skin and hairs until the pen dries so that the pen strokes blend in naturally with your own eyebrows.


5. Finish and set with B Brow Gel to ensure brow hairs stay put for a groomed and glossy finish.
You can chose from Clear, Cinnamon Spice, Indian Chocolate and Cardamom Pod.



Don’t worry! The colour of our B Pen might initially appear reddish as you start applying.  However, this will subside as the pen dries into it’s natural colour.



Quick Top Tips For Thicker Brows.

Overplucked? Use a brow regrowth serum with active ingredients, not just moisturisers. Blink’s own B The Eyebrow Experts Nourishing Brow Oil (£16.00) is a mix of growth inducing ingredients including sweet almond oil to nourish and rosemary oil to stimulate hair growth.


Have your brows shaped regularly by a professional- That would be us! Even if you’re growing them in, like when you’re growing your hair, your eyebrows need to be managed to ensure they grow. Ask your Blink Brow Bar Technician to advise which areas need to be grown in, and which ones need to be reshaped- They’ll do the rest!

Jason Wu AW14

                                  Jason Wu AW14

Use B The Eyebrow Experts Brow Powder to fill in patchy areas. The powder sits on the skin behind the hair, giving the illusion of denser brows. Choose a powder designed especially for brows, not a powder eyeshadow.

Brow Powder

The tail of your eyebrow should extend at least to the corner of your eye, and can be even longer as long as it doesn’t end vertically lower than the point where your brow begins — you want a lifted shape, not a droopy one.


Have any questions? We can help. Email your beauty woes at

Festival Beauty SOS



It’s always the same story. You spend hours perfecting your polish and standing around like a scarecrow until your nails are bone dry, then wave your arms around for five minutes and a festival and hello chip! So annoying!

Shallac is your savour when it comes to the gritty fun of festivals. Blink Brow Bar has an awesome collection of summer hued lArtistic Gel Polishes that will keep your talons looking fresh and glossy for 2 weeks at a least. Book your manicure with us here.


If you’re not maintaining a good skincare routine (and lets face it, who does at a festival), you’re skin can get into all sorts of trouble, so you’re going to need a quick remedy. Our B The Eyebrow Experts Rose Collection will hydrate and sooth. Fast absorbing, cooling and the smell can only be a welcome to the usual festival ‘scents’.

B Rose Day Cream


Here’s hoping that they’ll be sunshine, not rain wherever you’re heading. Make sure you use a good SPF to keep skin from burning. Net-a-Porter is our go-to beauty mecca and they not only stock B The Eyebrow Experts’ range, but a whole host of sun-friendly premium brands.


Beyonce- Smelling of roses.

Beyonce- Smelling of roses.

Along with the sun-downers, treat your skin to B The Eyebrow Experts’ Pure Rose Water Gel. Healing properties such as Rose and Aloe Vera will pep up and sooth sun-rouged skin.
Top Tip – if you take a cool bag, keep it in there for an extra refreshing treat.


..or you could get some finger tattoos and continue to hold this position?

..or you could get some finger tattoos and continue to hold this position?

This is your NBF when it comes to low maintenance beauty. Book in for an eyelash and brow tint at one or our Blink Brow Bars to save time on applying make-up. However good you’ve got at getting your routine down-pat, applying it in a tent is a challenge!
Top Tip- Keep brows in groomed and glossy with a quick slick of B Brow Gel. It’s a beauty Ed must-have.

Get experimental

D Squared Backstage Beauty SS 2012

                  D Squared Backstage Beauty SS 2012

Festivals are great time to think outside the box a little when it comes to make-up and accessories and create looks to stand out from the crowd. This summer stock up on  temporary tattoos, glitter pots and craft gems – also very useful for covering an unwanted blemish and so much fun to apply! Let’s face it, you couldn’t get away with wearing face glitter many places- unless you’re 5 years old..

Have a great festival season, wherever you’re heading!


Blink x

How To Get The Perfect Brow Shape.

Whether you’re in the know or keen to give your brows an over-haul, taking things back to basics will really help you achieve fabulous brows, whatever you’ve been naturally gifted with, or left with post (over) plucking!

Perfect Arch

First off, get prepped with the right tools.

You’ll need your eyebrow pencil to dot your markers, a mirror and a thin makeup brush or stick. B The Eyebrow Expert’s Eyebrow Pencil Collection is soft enough to give a natural finish, but the wax stops any pesky colour smudges and lasts longer than a powder based pencil. One end is the colour and the other end has a brush to allow the colour to be blended into the eyebrows. There are 5 tones to choose from. Shop the collection HERE.


Using your makeup brush or stick, measure a straight line from the corner of your nose, through the inner corner of your eye and into the eyebrow– See our image above. That’s point A, and where your eyebrow should begin.


The arch tends to be most flattering when above the centre of your eye, but if you’ve a long, oval face then lengthen this out towards your temples to faux a little width and add shape to your face.

Look straight ahead in the mirror, and using your stick again, measure a straight line from the corner of your nose, through the centre of your pupil, (or just to the side if you’re wanting to widen your face) and into the brow. That’s point B, and should be the highest part of your arch.


To find where your eyebrow should end, measure a straight line again from the corner of your nose, through the outer corner of your eye. Or again, if yore trying to add width go a little wider before marking your final point into the brow. That’s point C, and where your eyebrow should ideally end.

So there you have it. Short, sweet but informative. Let us know how you get on and if this method helps you get your brows back on the straight and not so narrow. And remember, your brows should be sisters, not twins- so don’t agonise over getting them to match up perfectly!

Help! My Brows Are Weedy!

For most of us, big, bold brows don’t come naturally. Whether it’s genetics, or too much plucking in the past, our nerdy little arches could use a boost. Thankfully, we’ve got tons of options for getting fuller-looking eyebrows.

The Solution:

For a bold but realistic brow, B The Eyebrow Experts Brow Powder is the easiest and most effect way to fill in sparse gaps and even faux a thicker line overall. You can learn how to use our B Powder at, HERE 

Eyelash Oil 002shad

If you don’t want to fake it any longer, we recommend our B Luscious Lash Oil that can help regrow wimpy brows. Castor oil is a tried and true Italian grandma trick, and our easy to apply oil is combination of castor oil, jojoba oil to moisturise and strengthen, Apricot Kernel oil to condition and hydrate lashes, Bamboo to promote shine and rosemary to stimulate growth- Apply to any and all areas where you would like to see thick, longer hair.”


Diary of a Blink Bride-To-Be

With little over 3 months to go before my ‘Big Day’ it’s dawned on me that I’m going to be on show and papped from every possible angle- So I better look my best. Luckily I work at Blink, the messiah’s of eyebrows and fountain of knowledge when it comes to getting perfectly prepped for your wedding day.

I’ll be putting Blink’s treatments, advice and products into play over the next few months so that you can see exactly what to expect from your visit to Blink Brow Bar and what effects and results you can achieve from B The Eyebrow Expert’s cosmetic collection.


Blink Brow Bar Threading

Growing up in the 90s, I was one of the lucky few at my school not to have over plucked their eyebrows, or get their belly button pierced. I can’t take any credit for these decisions though. The non-pluckage was purely because I couldn’t actually see my brows to get tweezer-happy (I’m VERY fair, you see) and swerving the navel puncture was because I was too scared of what my mum would say. With this in mind, my eyebrows aren’t a bad canvas to start with, but with Blink’s expert therapists on hand, they can most definitely reach their potential.

Blink Brow Bar offers a  whole host of options to make the most of the eyebrow and with a bolder, more natural shape being back in the frame, it really is a must have treatment for brides-to-be. Your eyebrows have the potential to frame and make the most of your face shape and features, as well instantly take years off your face- So think of the wedding snaps and read on…

I’ve been getting away with just a few strokes of an eyebrow pencil for a little shape, random tweezing and that’s about it; so getting some up to date education in the brow department from Blink was long overdue.

Threading is something that I’ve been meaning to try, but just never got around to booking in (read; I’m too scared – What if it really hurts?!) but I can’t really wiggle out of the challenge now I’m a Blink Girl now, can I?!

The Blink Mission is ‘that we strive to make life easier for women. 15 minutes in a Blink chair and you will leave feeling fabulous’. I was ready to take the test to see if the pioneers of the revolutionary ‘brow-bar’ concept could transform my brows from wash-out lame, to fabulous in just 15 minutes.

Arriving at the wondrous smelling Blink Bar within Selfridges’ Beauty Hall (I later find out that it’s Blink’s divine Indian Rose Candle) I’m greeted by Kinnari who will be transforming my eyebrows for the next few months in the lead up to my wedding. A true expert in all things brow and beyond, Kinnari has 7 years’ experience in threading alone, so I began to relax as I took a plush seat in the laid back Blink Brow Bar, ready for my consultation.

IndianRoseCandel 005

When I say my eyebrows are fair, I’m talking teetering on white. So, Kinnari took one look at my brows and gently suggested a tint to take them a couple of shades away from their current state of practically transparent – I readily agreed.

Applying a balm around my brows to protect my skin, Kinnari applies a warm brown dye for just 30 seconds, capturing the teeny white hairs that will be threaded to ensure that a clean line is created, thus the Chaplin-esque brows, below.

Wiping it off, my brows are revealed in the form of a very natural colour that suits my hair and skin tone perfectly.

tintCara’s got nothing on me. 

Now for the shaping. Kinnari assesses my face shape and bone structure, explaining that everyone’s eyebrows are naturally formed to fit with what we’re born with on the face-front. Tactically telling me that whilst I’ll never own Cara’s full-on bushy brows, if I stop with the sporadic and random tweezing sessions and let the patchy areas grow-out, then with the help of Blink’s skilful team I will be the owner of thicker, more defined and symmetrical brows. Kinnari starts by threading the underline of my outer brow area to pull-out my natural arch which will widen my temple area and give shape to my oval face. Asking me to pull my skin taut, the threading begins- And it’s really not painful at all! Even with my sensitive skin it’s far less so than plucking and super speedy too.


3 minutes of skilful threading and trimming, my brows have been taken from barely there and ‘meh’, to face-shaping and fabulous. To sooth the small amount of post-threading redness, Blink’s Pure Rose Water Gel is applied whilst I’m treated to a soothing Ayurvedic mini massage.


Kinnari then pencils in any bald patches with Blink Eyebrow Pencil in Cinnamon Spice, brushing them through with Blink’s nourishing Eyebrow Gel in Clear to finish. Kinnari arms me with some vital after-care tips and strict instructions to stay away from the tweezers and let my brows grow until my next visit in 4 weeks.


BRIDES TO BE!! Take advantage of our June offer and book today to receive:

With This Blink, I Thee Thread Package- £45
Eyebrow Shape
Eyebrow Tint
Flirty Cluster Lashes OR Signature Manicure

Brow & Groom Package- £90
Eyebrow Shape
Eyebrow Tint
Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage
Classic Cluster Lashes



I don’t like the shape of my eyebrows

Leave the shaping to the experts. Most people tend to over-pluck which means a lack of symmetry and a shape that doesn’t complement your face. Did you know, for example, that oval brows on a long face make the face look longer? Better to go with flatter brows to balance out the face. It all depends on your specific face shape, and we like to think that we know just what will look the best.

The Solution

The Solution:  Our Blink experts are available for consultations to tell you what the best brow shape for your face would be. If you’d like us to show you how to shape them yourself, we can do that too.

My eyebrows are too skinny

Over-plucked over the years? Don’t worry. Chances are your brows are still growing, so the key is to be patient. The middle section of your brows takes much longer to grow back then the bottom of your brows, so just give them a little time and space away from your happy-go-lucky tweezers.

The Solution

Step 1

Use our B Nourishing Brow Oil. This easy to roll oil uses organic Almond Oil, Rosemary and Lavender to stimulate hair growth. We recommend working it into your pre-bedtime beauty routine. If you don’t have our brow oil, you can also use Almond Oil with Essence of Rosemary and simply dab on with a cotton bud.

Step 2

When you’ve given your brows some room to grow, and feel that they are at their fullest, it’s time to pop in and see us. Our brow technicians will ascertain how to realistically shape them depending on their width and length. We’ll make the most of what you’ve got, but remember, the longer you let them grow, the better.

Step 3

Nurture your brows. We now offer our “Brow Back On the Road” service which means you can see the same consultant three separate times to ensure that your brow are being nurtured to their fullest, and you get them back to where you want them to be before they were attacked by your tweezers. £45

My eyebrows are too dark

Don’t worry we won’t tell anyone you’re not a natural blonde. If you want to have your eyebrows match your highlights, Blink can help with that too.

The Solution:

Book in for our Colour Coding or Lightening Service. We offer a colour palette that is tailored to your needs We’ll lighten you up as far as you want to go. £24

My eyebrows are too light

Haven’t you heard? We LOVE bold brows. Threading with a tint is our most popular treatment, and giving a darker hue means you’ll get the coveted catwalk look instantly. Just need a tiny pick-me-up? We remove the tint almost immediately so that your brows will look lifted without appearing obviously dyed.

It gets better, our tints now come in all colours, meaning you can lighten or darken your brows to your hearts desire.

The Solution

Step 1

First our brow experts will perform a patch test 48 hours in advance of your treatment. You can pop into any brow bar for this and it takes only a couple of minutes. A patch test ensures that you won’t have any sort of allergic reaction to the tint.

Step 2

Tinting in 4 standard colours for £10. This should only take a few minutes and last up to 6 weeks depending on the individual.

My lashes look sparse

If your lashes are few and far between and lack a little lustre, then we are here to help.

The Solution

Single Lashes:  We can place extra lashes exactly where you need them and they will stay put for up to 6 weeks. If you want them to still look natural, we recommend a half set, but if you have a flair for the dramatics, we love a full set too. We offer a variety of lengths as well, so it’s possible to have extensions and still look natural. It’s all up to you! Make sure that you pop into a Blink Brow Bar for a glue patch test at least 48 hours before the treatment.

Have Blonde eyelashes? We recommend a lash tint before to ensure that your eyelash extensions are the same colour as the single lashes applied.

I want longer lashes

Don’t we all. Whether it’s for a wedding, a holiday, or special occasion, lash extensions are all the rage. Waking up with long and luscious lashes means all you need is a little eyebrow pencil and some lip-gloss, and you’re on your way out the door.

Addicted to the length?

We have plenty of ladies that have extensions done regularly, and as long as you are using your B London lash oil, you’ll minimize any damage to your own lashes.

The Solution:

Strip Lashes:

Perfect for a night out and a bit of fun. Our Blink experts will apply one single strip to last you all night long!  £10 with application.

Cluster Lashes:

We can create all types of looks with our cluster lashes. Want to have a little extra length but still look super natural, we can just add a few clusters on to your lashes. Prefer a 60’s look? We can place the clusters on mostly the ends to give you that coveted cat-eye. Our cluster lashes are 3 individual lashes per bulb, and come in different colours, lengths and styles. Cluster lashes last for 1-2 weeks and take 60 minutes to apply. Cluster Lashes start from £30.

Semi Permanent Lashes:

Throw out your mascara. Our wonderfully natural lashes last up to 6 weeks after our technicians place individual lashes to your own. Don’t worry, we can replace them when they eventually fall out. If you’ve never had extensions before we recommend starting with a half set, but once you have them on, you may be convinced to have a full long and luscious set. Remember oils can remove the lashes, so avoid oil based mascaras and eye-makeup removers. We also recommend a glue patch test at least 48 hours before the treatment. (Price)

Semi Permanent Mascara:

A fabulous treatment to add length to the lashes. This hour-long treatment is well worth it, and lasts up to 6 weeks! (Price)

Eyelash Perm:

Got the length but need the curl? We use small rods to set the curl in your lashes. So long, eyelash curler. This hour-long treatment also lasts up to 6 weeks.

My lashes have lost their lustre

Making eyelashes look longer is one of the most important parts of your make-up regime. In fact, the longer your lashes look, the less overall make you need to wear. There are so many lash options out there, and we can help you choose what is right for you.

The Solution

Step 1

Use our B London Luscious Lash Oil. It’s a mix of natural goodness for your lashes. Give them a break from all that mascara, and get them long and healthy, naturally.

Step 2

Tint them. Eyelash tint is fabulous way to enhance your lashes. It makes them darker and bolder so you don’t have to worry about applying mascara everyday. We recommend a patch test 48 hours before the treatment, which can be done at any one of our Blink Brow Bars.