How to: Tame unruly brows

Tame and define your thick and unruly brows for sleek results in minutes.

The prescription:

Brow Exfoliator
Instantly slough away dull skin and in-grown hair for beautifully smooth DREAM BROWS™.

Day Brow Cream
A softening primer to condition brows daily and create a flawless DREAM BROWS™ makeup base.

Eyebrow Gel
Award-winning, non-sticky gel for sporty, glossy SUPERNATURAL BROWS™ that stay put.

Brow Definer
Quick & Precise creamy pencil for instantly more defined SUPERNATURAL BROWS™. Enhanced. with vitamin E and C for added care.

Brow Corrector
Instantly erase any makeup mistakes with this genius, gentle corrector pen.

Ultra-blendable, creamy highlighter in a universally flattering golden tone to accentuate your DREAM BROW™ arches.

Blink Pro Artists


HR_BBB_Headshots-18 SHAHROZE

Shahroze Khan

After working in the beauty industry for years as a pro artist for come of the world’s leading makeup brands and celebrities, Shahroze will teach you how to master a bold brow or an easy smokey eye in minutes.



Vianney Leigh

With almost a decade of experience as an international makeup artist under her belt, Vianney has worked the fashion week circuits both in London and Europe, magazine editorials and and celebrities.


Bola Adepoju

A true brow and lash expert, Bola has workd with some of the world’s leading makup brands for over 8  years beautifying countless faces in a few master strokes.


Saira Karim

Saira has worked for some of the industry’s leading brands and makeup artists, honing her ability to make every woman feel her most beautiful.

Please note bookings are subject to store and availability.

Rose Cleansing Routine

We’re so excited to announce the latest product to join our line-up of gorgeous Rose Skincare, the Rose Cleansing Balm. For generations, Indian women have recognised the multiple benefits of rose water in their daily beauty regimes: the ingredient has many anti-inflammatory, deep cleansing and toning properties whilst also gently nurturing and protecting even the most sensitive skin.


The buttery balm melts into the skin, gently and effectively sweeping away impurities and all traces of make-up. The balm leaves skin refreshed, deeply moisturised and radiant. Packed full with natural yet effective ingredients such as White Rose Extracts to improve skin radiance and help against pollution, Rose Essential Wax to hydrate and Sweet Almond Oil to sooth and comfort skin; the Rose Cleansing Balm can be used as a daily cleanser or as a mask.

For a limited time only, save 50% off our Exfoliating Rose Scrub when you purchase the Rose Cleansing Balm! Simply add both items to your basket, and enter code SCRUB50 at checkout. 


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HOW TO: Fill in eyebrows for beginners

If you’re looking to create naturally gorgeous brows at home, then look no further! This quick tutorial video will show you how to fill in and define your eyebrows quickly and easily to achieve an everyday natural brow look.

The video features the bbrowbar Brow Pencil, bbrowbar Brow Tamer and bbrowbar Brow Gel. Click the links to buy below.

Brow Pencil £13
Brow Tamer £12
Brow Gel £17

LIMITED TIME ONLY OFFER: Buy our bbrowbar Brow Pencil and Brow Gel online and receive a free bbrowbar Sharpener. Offer ends 15.08.2016.

The shade featured in this video is Cinnamon Spice.

Define and Contour

We’ve all spent the last 6 months watching videos and attempting to champion the perfect face contour; but what about contouring the most important feature on your face, your brow arch?

We’re going to tell you how, in 3 easy steps, to achieve the perfect arch contour to open up your eyes and frame your face. Listen up!

Step 1: Take your favourite brow colour product such as a Brow Pencil, Definer or Pen and apply as you usually would, light strokes in the direction of hair growth to build up natural colour and fill in gaps.

Step 2: Featuring an all natural Micellar formula, the bbrowbar Brow Corrector will enable you to shape the perfect arch. After applying your colour product, use the defined tip to tidy up any mistakes or smudges and to create a perfectly precise brow.

Step 3: Use the bbrowbar Highlighter to accentuate your arch and define your brow. Apply the creamy, chubby pencil underneath your brow bone in gentle strokes. Using the sponge at the other end of the pencil, blend the colour to create a subtle glow.

correct and perfect

Free eyebrow shape for Mum

All Mum’s deserve a treat this Mother’s Day, and there are countless options out there from breakfast in bed, dinner at her favourite restaurant to unlimited cups of tea-making. OR… you could pamper her with a complimentary eyebrow shape from blinkbrowbar. Want to know the best part? You get to enjoy it too!

Simply book your brow shape appointment for Saturday 5th or Sunday 6th March, mention that you’re booking for Mother’s Day and Mum will go free!

Way to score some serious Mum points 😉



T&Cs: Available for appointments on 5th & 6th March, 2016 only. Prior booking is recommended. Promotion must be mentioned at the time of booking and bookings must be made for the same location, date and time. No cash alternative. Only applicable on Eyebrow Shape treatment.

Wrap up with a Free Night Balm

For a limited time only, receive a free Brow Night Balm when you spend over £20 on bbrowbar products.


We all know that our hair and skin need a little extra TLC in cold wintry conditions, and this protective mask will do exactly that. This nourishing Night Balm acts as a mask for your brow hairs. With evening Primrose oil known for its wonderful repairing properties and Wheat germ oil high in anti-oxidants to prevent aging of the hair.

Simply massage over the brow area before bed, and let this mask work it’s magic whilst you sleep.


Offer valid: Tues 12 January – Sun 24 January 2016

Offer available online only. 

Perfect Party Season Eyes

Want to create a glamorous smokey-eye look this party season? Look no further! Follow our simple steps below:

Step 1: Fill and define the brows using bbrowbar Brow Powder, blending through the hairs using a tamer. This matte powder comes with an easy-to-use applicator to build up brows and fill in gaps, meaning that you can go as subtle or as dramatic as you feel like.

Step 2: Apply and smudge the bbrowbar Highlighter under the brow bone for an instant eye-lift, opening up the entire eye area. This dual-ended, chubby pencil features an iridescent based highlighter and blending sponge to create a soft, subtle glow that can be gradually blended to illuminate and open up the eyes.

Step 3: Finish with bbrowbar Drama Mascara for nourished, and voluptuous lashes with a deep glossy shine.

Steps Party Eyes

Get Started Brow Kit

Treat yourself or a loved one this Christmas and give the gift of beautiful brows with our new Get Started Brow Kit. Packed with our most-loved essentials for perfectly groomed brows, this Kit will ensure you have the sleekest brows in town, all from your own home. Jaimineey our Head Therapist teaches you how to use:


Step 1: PREP

Start with our bestselling Nourishing Brow Oil to strengthen and condition the brow hairs. Simply glide the rollerball applicator across the entire eyebrow area, and leave overnight to speed up brow growth, now that’s beauty sleep!

Although we would recommend leaving the shaping to our expert therapists, we understand that a quick tidy up between appointments is often necessary, especially with all those Christmas parties to get to. Our bbrowbar Tweezers are made from high quality stainless steel with precision ground tips to grip even the finest hairs. Follow your natural arch and remove only a few stray hairs from the fuller area of your brow – be careful not to get carried away!

Step 2: SET

First, apply our creamy Highlighter to give the eyes an instant lift by accentuating the arch and defining brows. Apply to the brow bone under your eyebrows following the arch. Blend with the smudge sponge for a soft pearly finish, or layer the applications to intensify the pearly effect. This immediately creates a contouring effect and defines the eye area.

The final step is to apply our award winning Brow Gel. Start at the middle point of the brow and brush in the direction of the hair growth towards the tail end. To manipulate and accentuate the shape, brush up at the front of the brow and arch for a bolder, fuller finish. bbrowbar Brow Gel is the ultimate grooming tool for defined and strong eyebrows that keep their shape all day.



Our bbrowbar Get Started Kit is just £40 this Christmas, saving a massive £27!

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Create the perfect Halloween Smokey Eye

Whilst some people will be out shopping for devil horns, or perhaps a long dark cape, we know that Halloween is all about the make-up!

Halloween provides the perfect excuse to go braver and bolder so we’re going to show you how to create a flawless smokey-eye that will transform you in to a glamorous ghoul.

Group Looks

If you’re going to be dancing until dawn, you need to ensure that your smokey eye can go the distance! Learn how below.

STEP 1: With its long lasting creamy formula, our bbrowbar Highlighter doubles up as a perfect base. Apply the chubby pencil across the entire eye lid, using the smudge sponge to blend.

STEP 2: Reach for our bbrowbar Black Kajal Pencil and apply a thick stroke along the lash line on both your lower and upper eye lid. Use the sponge applicator to blend and soften the colour.

STEP 3: Although originally designed to thicken brows, bbrowbar Brow Powder works perfectly as a dramatic eyeshadow. Using our Brow Powder (in Cardamom Pod shade), you can now build on the frame you have created with the Kajal pencil. Tap away any excess powder from the sponge applicator and gently apply to the eye-lid, starting at the inside corner of the eye. Use soft strokes to slowly build colour and create your desired shape.

STEP 4: Now you’re ready to add drama with a pair of bbrowbar Strip Lashes. Use a pair of nail scissors to trim the lashes to the size of your lids, then carefully apply the eyelash glue waiting for it to become tacky. Using one hand to hold down your eyelid, use the other hand to gently press the strip to the base of your lashes. Use tweezers to help nudge the strip in to place.

Top Tip: Once the lashes are holding properly you can reapply a stroke of Kajal Pencil along the line of the strip lashes.

STEP 5: You can add more depth to your makeup by contouring your lips with bbrowbar Black Kajal Pencil. Apply a red lipstick first, then draw a line with the Kajal Pencil. Using a brush, blend the black shade into the red lipstick.



Shop bbrowbar products:

bbrowbar Highlighter £16 / $27

bbrowbar Black Intense Kajal Pencil £13 / $23

bbrowbar Brow Powder in Cardamom Pod £15 / $28

bbrowbar Strip Lashes Lattice £10 / $18

EMMY Awards 2015: Top Beauty Looks

Arguably the biggest night in the television calendar, last night’s Emmy awards were awash with style and sophistication. The red carpet was on fire (and not just because of the scorching LA heat), see below for our top 3 beauty looks from the show.

Scream Queen’s Emma Roberts made a bold statement, contrasting her peroxide blonde hair with dark brows. The contrast of light and dark provides her delicate face with a high-impact frame.

Emma Roberts

Scandal’s Kerry Washington looked every part the leading lady. With her hair swept into a faux bob, and a very natural low-arch brow, it was her smoky eye and long glossy lashes that stole the show.

Kerry Washington

Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland used her bold brows to perfectly frame a metallic smoky eye. All complimented by a chic and soft wavy bob.

Sarah Hyland 2

Get The Look- Ruby Rose

Going into season three of Orange Is the New Black—available for binge watching on Netflix now—we knew little about the new inmate shaking things up at Litchfield. But after some serious googling, we’ve found that Stella Carlin is not all that different from the striking real-life beauty who plays her. Ruby Rose, like Carlin hails from Australia, sports an androgynous look, and is completely comfortable and confident in her own tattoo-covered skin. Recently interviewed by our friends over at Net-a-Porter, Rose states that her beauty look is ‘A strong brow, a neutral lip and contouring makeup’.

We love her androgynous style, contrasted with her classically beautiful looks it’s not surprise that the 29 year first cut her teeth on the media bone as a model. Although she says that she got rejected for being ‘too edgy’ to star in campaigns for the main stream bookings “I wanted to be something,” says Rose, “to prove to the girls in high school, and to prove to my mum and dad, that I could be really…spectacular.”


With a hand in acting, modeling, designing, and DJ’ing, this multi-tasking chick isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and we already think that this beauty has made a spectacular entrance.



Get The Look:

Rose’s beauty look proves that if you’ve got a fringe/bangs, then groomed brows still have their place in framing your face. Here’s how to create her thick, boyish brows:

1. Prep brows and brush through with a Tamer to ensure that you have a smooth, clean and groomed canvas.

2. Starting at the middle point of your brow, tapping off any excess, apply bbrowbar Brow Powder in the colour of your choice– We like to go darker for this look to add a punchy edge. Use light short strokes in the direction of your hair growth and fill in and thicken the arch with the powder ending at the tail of the brow. Finish with a few strokes at the front of the brow but make sure you go light on the application here, otherwise you’ll end up with a painted on look.

Watch the how to video, below:

3. If you prefer a sharper tail end, then define the edges with bbrowbar Brow Pen.

4. Set and brush through with bbrowbar Brow Gel in either coloured for an intense finish, or clear if your brows already own a dark tone.



Get The Look- Lily Collins

In a new beauty shoot for Glamour Magazine, Lily Collins looked stunning as she modelled a diverse range of beauty looks. The British beauty spoke about how she’s learnt to embrace her quirks as her beauty mark.


“When I was younger and moved from England to LA, it was all about being tanned and having thin eyebrows, and I wanted to fit in,’ she says.”

“I was self-conscious about my big brows and I remember taking tweezers and thinning them out. My mum was like, “What did you do?” She was scared they wouldn’t grow back and said, “The quirky things that make you different are what make you beautiful.”

‘That’s when I stopped being self-conscious.’

The actress now leaves her trademark brows well alone, confessing she hardly every breaks out the tweezers anymore.

We love this girl. And her brows!

Love her brows as much as we do?
Book your appointment with us and get your brows back on the road to Lily-brow standards with one of our brow-consultants, here.


The Best Coachella Celebrity Beauty Looks

As the start of festival season is marked by the opening of Coachella 2015, Blink review our all time favourite celebrity beauty looks showcased at ‘The Valley’ festival.

Vanessa Hudgens is pretty much Coachella royalty. Never failing to roll out a highly coveted festival accessory or beauty look, each year we look to V.H as one of our favourite ‘festpirations. last year’s bold and defined brows were adorned with gorgeously hippie-chic gems. We’d wear these everyday if we could. Might be a bit OTT though..



Our gal; Brit-babe Alexa Chung never fails to make us wish we had her wardrobe, figure and face. The naturally beautiful style-icon goes against the grain of the sun-kissed babes that frequent the festival, keeping her flawless complexion seemingly au natural with just a slick of mascara and a rosy cheek to highlight.


We LOVED Zoe Kravitz’ blonde choppy bob from last year’s festival. With naturally tan skin, this honey blonde is not an easy look to pull-off but the lightened brows stop this look from looking trashy and keep it premium.


Victoria’s Secret angel, Alessandra Ambrosio’s nails were on point last year. The model opted for some festival-themed intricate nail-art, adorning her talons with palm trees and ferris wheels in homage to the Californian festival. Nothing like a good mani to keep you looking festi-fresh. However many bottles of dry shampoo you’ve gotten through.



Not a stranger to the Blink Brow Bar blog, Kate Bosworth owns that sort of beauty that you can’t quite put your finger on in terms of what makes her so stunning. She just is. That, and a fabulously threaded and groomed set of eyebrows. If you’re hitting the festival rota this Spring/Summer, make sure you’re groomed from tip to toe. Prepping will have you looking effortlessly put together. Now it’s just a case of how long you take on packing your festival wardrobe.


And the juries out on this one.. The Chanel muse does pull it off, but not sure we’d accessorise our everyday look with a nose ring THIS big?! What do you think?



The Oscars 2015- Beauty Winners

The Oscars is one of our favourite red carpet events to gain beauty inspiration from (as well as the gossip) and the 87th Academy Awards didn’t disappoint.  From Margo Robbie’s on-point brows, to Emma Robert’s stunning custom Elie Saab gown here are our favourite Oscar 2015 moments:

Emma Stone Glistens in Elie Saab.
Let’s start with our most favourite look on the red carpet from last night. Emma Stone’s fashion risk-taking always pays off, so it’s no surprise that she stunned once again at last night’s Oscars in a custom made Elie Saab gown. The redheaded actress looks ravishing in the floor length lime gown, adorned with intricate beadwork that was contrasted beautifully with a bold and contemporary lip that added a pop of fun with this ladylike look.

Emma Stone

Nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role in “Birdman,” but pipped to the post by the amazing Patricia Arquette for her role in “Boyhood” Stone’s star is nevertheless rising- On screen and in the style stakes.

Julianne Moore in Classic Chanel

The winner of The Best Actress Award at last night’s Oscars wore a truly unique custom Chanel gown, absolutely dripping in white sequins and accented with rows of white and black sequin rosettes. 


The actress’ powerful portrayal of an Alzheimer’s sufferer in Still Alice wins after missing out on an acting Oscar four times previously. She beat out competition from Reese Witherspoon, Rosamund Pike, Marion Cotillard and Felicity Jones.

A low, sleek chignon and shimmering eyeshadow was teamed with natural looking brows and contrasted with bright marsala-hued lips and her signature ageless skin. Julianne looked like the Hollywood icon that she is.

Margot Robbie Channels 70s Glamour

Although the Aussie actress didn’t get a nomination this year, she certainly stood out on the red carpet in a beautiful 70s inspired gown from YSL. Teamed with a $1.5M Van Cleef & Arpels ‘zipper’ necklace, the 24 year old who’d been dubbed ‘the next Marilyn Monroe’ oozed glamour.


We adore The Wolf of Wall Street’s sleek blonde bob, teamed with a classic tomato red lip and perfectly groomed brows. Robbie owned one of the best beauty looks on the red carpet last night.

Dakota Johnson Cuts A Clean Silhouette

The 50 Shades of Grey star keep her silhouette clean in a stunning Saint Laurent dress, wearing her hair in a simple pony tail. The actress teamed her super-hot  gown with an bright red lip, accentuating her bee-stung lips and flawless complexion. Brows were bold but with a natural shape, with grooming not over done but enough to accentuate the 50 Shades star’s aqua eyes.


The actress who’s newly single brought her mum; Melanie Griffith as her plus one. The pair posed on the red carpet like the perfect Mother-daughter team. That is, until things got a little awks when Griffiths was asked if she’s seen her daughter’s latest film. Watch and cringe for yourself HERE.

Kiera Knightly

She missed out on the Best Supporting Actress prize at the 87th Academy Awards on Sunday night but The Imitation Game actress Keira Knightley handled her defeat to Patricia Arquette (Boyhood) beautifully in a stunning, hand-crafted Valentino gown. Glowing on the red carpet, the pregnant British actress showed how to dress a bump and what better way than in Valentino?


The elegant dress skimmed over Keira’s growing baby bump and flattered her porcelain complexion. The star’s beauty look was classic english rose with a contemporary edge. Full brows with a beautiful arch framed the beauty’s features, accentuating those famous cheekbones and sensuous pout to perfection. 

Bold & Groomed At Hugo Boss

Legendary MUA Pat McGrath continued with the trend for ‘clean and simple’ at New York Fashion Week, creating a barely there look that makes us hanker even more for a flawless complexion.


Hugo Boss AW15 at New York Fashion Week

Hair was slicked back with a groomed centre parting and given a clean and glossy finish.
Skin was flawless but really natural looking, with a velvet glow that has given us serious skin envy and made us reach for the H2O and moisturiser!

A beautiful beige shadow was washed across the lids, with a matte finish for a directional finish. (We love Laura Mercier Matte Eye Colour in Ginger at Space nk).

Brows were kept bold, groomed and gorgeously thick but don’t worry, even if you’re not blessed with naturally full brows, you can faux them and here’s how:

1. Build-A-Brow, our innovative brow hair extension service will give you thicker, bolder brows in about an hour. Like eyelash extensions you’ll need to top up the hairs every 2-3 weeks but we think great brows are just as important as fabulous lashes.

2. Fill in gaps and create a thicker brow line with bbrowbar Brow Powder to begin with, starting at the mid point of your brows moving outwards and finishing at the front of the eyebrow.

3. To create texture, use our Definer to add small hair strokes across the and in-between your natural eyebrow hairs. This will add the rich depth to the brow that was seen at Hugo Boss.

4. For stay-put brows, a gel is a must. brush to to tame and tease the shape you want. The girls that walked for Mr Boss adopted a boyish brow for that androgynous vibe, but this look will also work with higher arches or a more subtle thickness.

Bafta Beauties- Our Favourite Looks

From perfectly coiffed up-dos to long statement tresses, smokey eyes to bold lip hues; our hottest hair and makeup favourites that graced the red carpet at last night’s BAFTAs 2015.

Kiera Knightley


Kiera Knightley looked positively glowing last night. This au naturel side-swept look with barely-there make-up is another winner for the mum-to-be. Bold, youthful brows are kept natural and not too groomed, held in place with a little gel, with definition kept mainly at the tail-end of the brow-shape.

Rosamund Pike


Playing excellent red carpet services to the bob, the Gone Girl star makes us want to haul ourselves to the hairdressers and get one cut in, pronto. Her natural-looking, classic make-up is kept contemporary with a strong, bold brow.

Noomi Rapace


Swedish actress Noomi goes for a striking red carpet look with a sleek up-do, bringing it bang up-to-date to SS15 with thick fluttery lashes and a hot orange lip colour. And we LOVE those earrings.

Monica Bellucci


With her trademark chestnut locks hanging centre-parted around her shoulders, the gorgeous Monica Bellucci kept her beauty look parred-down, and with bone structure like that it’s easy to see why. The Italian beauty ages gracefully, demonstrating why it’s paramount to keep your arches in check for maturing gorgeously.

Alma Jodorowsky


The Blue Is The Warmest Cover star shoes that you  can’t beat a classic chilli red lip hue-all year round. Big bouncy curls give red carpet success, and as Alma Jodorowsky proves, big brows are always beautiful.


Which red carpet will you be channeling this weekend?

Aloe Vera- The Multipurpose Beauty Hero Product

Developed to heal, soothe and hydrate, our new B Aloe Vera Gel is made from 100% natural plant extracts, vitamin B5 and wheat proteins. For us it was vital that we included Vitamin B5 within our gel ingredients due to it’s ability to hydrate, moisturise, soften and smooth. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory by stimulating your skin’s healing processes. Deeply hydrating, it even helps to keep skin glowing by absorbing moisture from the air.


Aloe Vera has been used for a whole host of purposes, being hailed as a timeless skin saviour. Here are our favourite uses for Blink Brow Bar’s newest heroic recruit:

Quench Skin’s Thirst.

Aloe Vera moisturises the skin without giving it a greasy feel, so it`s perfect for anyone with an oily skin complexion. Aloe Vera acts as a moisturiser and is great for the face prior to make-up application, preventing dry and flaky skin. Those who are planning a long-haul holiday soon (lucky you) need to pop a jar of the green stuff in their luggage!

Acne Fighting.

Aloe Vera Gel contains two hormones: Auxin and Gibberellins. These two hormones provide wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties: Giberellin in Aloe Vera acts as a growth hormone, stimulating the regeneration of new cells. It allows the skin to heal quickly and naturally with minimal scarring. Aloe Vera is soothing and can reduce skin inflammations, blistering and itchiness, while helping the skin to heal more rapidly. Additionally, in Ayurvedic medicine, Aloe is used to effectively heal chronic skin problems, such as psoriasis, acne and eczema.


The ancient Egyptians referred to Aloe Vera as ‘the plant of immortality’ due to its anti-aging properties. The gel contains a plethora of antioxidants including beta carotene and vitamins C and E. These all help improve the skin’s natural firmness and keep the skin hydrated.

Soothes Angry Skin.

We know it feels like an age until the warmer months, but it’s widely known that Aloe Vera helps with soothing sunburn, as well as skin irritations such as rashes, burns and scratches. This is through its powerful healing activity at the epithelial level of the skin, a layer of cells that covers the body. It acts as a protective layer on the skin and helps replenish loss of moisture. Because of its nutritional qualities and antioxidant properties, the skin heals quicker too.

Treat your skin and add this smart, multi-purpose hero-pot to your beauty regime today. Available in-store at Blink Brow Bar, or shop online HERE

Golden Globes Best Beauty Looks 2015

It’s award season and the Golden Globes are one of our favourites as everyone goes for it in the style stakes and along with that comes some flawless beauty looks that we’re sure to channel in the next few weeks. These are the beauty moments that caught our attention:


Allison Williams


Girls actress and one of our girl crushes, Allison looked stunning at this year’s Golden Globes last night, ruling the red carpet in a sparkling ruby Armani Prive dress, of which she said, “After Peter Pan, I felt like looking like a real girl!”.

Her beauty look was a mash-up of vintage screen siren waves, with a fresh and contemporary make-up look. Brows were bold but natural looking, whilst a cool silver-grey palette was swept across her eyelids to highlight the star’s stunning blue eyes.


For brows this bold and natural looking, a powder will add depth but keep things matte and contemporary. After brushing out brows with a good quality tamer, apply a powder from root to tip, starting from the mid section of your brow to the tail-end, then finish with a little powder at the front of your brows (whatever is left over on your application wand) for a gentle definition but good colour depth.

For unruly brow-hairs, finish off with a gel to ensure your brow-shape stays put.


Emily Blunt

72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - ArrivalsWhite gowns were all the rage on the red carpet this year, but our personal fav was this sexy, grecian inspired number from Micheal Kors orb by Emily Blunt. The Into The Woods actress looks demure with Heidi-style braids piled up onto of her head and a fresh complexion and boyish brows.


We love her peaches and cream hue, contrasted with a strong, low-arched brow and pretty rose-coloured lip. To ensure that your foundation stays put and goes on smoothly, exfoliate and moisturise thoroughly before attempting to create flawless skin. And for 24 hour  brow-power, a pen formulation is your safest bet!

Apply your pen with soft, small strokes for the most natural finish and wait 30 seconds for your first application to dry, then fill in any areas you feel need more hair. By waiting, looking away and THEN taking a second look, you won’t over do the brows! Try it, it really works!


Jessica Chastain

72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Nominated for her role in “A Most Violent Year,” Jessica Chastain graced the red carpet in Atelier Versace and Piaget jewelry.

An emerging trend that we’ve seen increase in bookings at Blink Brow Bar is the light-brow. Not for everyone and certainly a bold move, Jessica Chastain manages to pull this look off with aplomb. Her deep russet hair was side-swept into classic Hollywood waves, whilst her green eyes were made up with a bronzed smokey eye to match her metallic plunging gown.


Jessica’s brows were kept completely sans make-up (by the looks of things) allowing her eyes to do all the talking. With this look it’s still important to keep your brows groomed as Jess’ have a strong arch that can be achieved by threading regularly- Otherwise there is no framework for your eyes. Hair needs to be swept back from the face, and cheekbones contoured to add definition in place of a stronger brow doing this for you.

If going completely bare freaks you out a tad (us too) then comb through a little clear B Gel to define your brow’s natural shape.


Amal Clooney


Mrs George Clooney looked classically beautiful in a Dior gown and contrasting white gloves.

The owner of one of the best sets of brows in Tinseltown, The 36 year old human rights lawyer is a favourite at Blink HQ- Brains and beauty. Escorting her new husband to the Golden Globes as he was awarded with a Cecil B. DeMille lifetime achievement award, Amal looked stunning.


If you’re blessed with thick dark brows, then lucky you! Regular threading is still needed to keep that shape sharp and arches looking strong, and with just a little taming and gel, you’re good to go. If thick brows are only in your dreams, then faux and fill in with a definer to ensure that each stroke is natural looking and it doesn’t look like your blocked colour in. Finish with a gel to keep things in place and the define your shape, however thick your brows are.

It’s tempting to go heaving at the start of your brows, but begin by filling in at the middle arch point, then out to the tail and finish at the start. This will ensure you can gage how much you really need to fill in, once the rest of the brow is done.


Sienna Miller


Miss Miller wore Miu Miu and as per, looked effortlessly cool. It helps that she’s a natural beauty with impeccable style, but with her newly cut WOB (wavey bob) brows were definitely high up on the agenda when it came to her beauty look for this year’s Golden Globes.


For blondes, it’s often hard to know how bold you want to, or should go. Too dark and it looks like you’ve down them on with a marker-pen, too light and they’re barely visible- Defeating the object completely. Cooler tones such as ash blonde work best on blondes. Try B Brow Pencil in Mysore Sandalwood for a subtle hue that you can build up. Also, the wax-based formula means that it will stay put until you take your make-up off. If you’re happy to be a bit bolder then Cinnamon Spice is the tone for you, or Indian Chocolate if you’re really going for it. To get Sienna’s look here, A powder is best to recreated that matte finish and boyish shape.

To recreate that Californian glow that she does so well, exfoliate your face and apply soothing Rose and Aloe Vera based products- especially for sensitive skin. Make sure that you do this before you apply any self-tan or make up to ensure that you have a smooth base to start with.


Your Skin Regime for 2015

We love a good beauty regime, so we’ve rounded up our best get-gorgeous skin tricks in one fell swoop for beautiful skin in 2015.

Sad Skin.

There are multiple causes of dark circles, Some people have very thin skin, so you see the circulation of the blood vessels underneath- Sounds a bit grim, doesn’t it. Or it’s the “shadow effect” which occurs when a person has a natural hollow under the eye, causing light to reflect in a way that creates a dusky look there. Either way it doesn’t make for a great complexion.

Ensure you’re drinking plenty of H2O. Yes, it’s an obvious piece of advice that we’ve all heard a trillion times, but do we take heed?! 2 litres of water is a minimum amount you need to intake per day and that’s without exercise being considered- Up it if you sweat it.

Also, If coffee is your main-stay, next time you need a pep-up, replace it with a green tea to hydrate and give yourself a natural lift. You’ll notice a difference in your skin and eye area within the week! Promise.


Drink 2 litres of water. Minimum. 

Exfoliate to Regenerate. 

In order for all of those nourishing, hydrating and anti-anging wonders that currently adorn your bathroom shelves and that you apply religiously, make sure your canvas is clean and ready to absorb the love! Imagine your skin is like a lawn (stay with us here). If it’s covered in leaves, then watering it won’t make a difference. Your complexion will just become logged and pores will become blocked. Exfoliate at last once a week and do it the right way!
Massage your exfoliator onto damp skin in GENTLE, small circular motions. Don’t press too hard, otherwise you’ll find your skin will become over sensitive and dry. And give it time! A quick once over isn’t enough. At least 2 minutes of circulation over the skin will leave it feeling clean and ready to be moisturised. Plus, your make-up will look so much better when applied to smooth, hydrated skin. B Exfoliating Rose Scrub owns fruit enzymes, multi-vitamins and micro-sized soft peeling particles,to ensure a thorough but gentle exfoliation that’s ideal even for the most sensitive of skins.

exfoliateB Exfoliating Rose Scrub


Get Your Vits

Vitamin E is key for glowing skin as it acts as an antioxidant that protects and repairs your skin. This in turn prevents the ageing damage caused by free radicals and protects the skin from other forms of damage like pollution and sun exposure. Ensure that your moisturiser has Vit E as a key ingredient listed to protect and perfect your complexion. Try out B Water Rose Gel and B Rose Day Cream for a double whammy of skin plumping and brightening ingredients. Apply AM and PM for best results.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 13.50.36

Get Your Heart Pumping. 

When you exercise, the tiny arteries in your skin open up, allowing more blood to reach the skin’s surface and deliver nutrients that repair damage from the sun and environmental pollutants. These nutrients also rev up the skin’s collagen production, thwarting wrinkles and giving your complexion a natural glow. Slimmer waist, better skin. Winning.


Oh, and if you’re already a regular at the gym, you’ll note that your usual, eerily quite treadmill of choice now has a que forming behind it. Well it is January after all. Just sayin….

What other tips do you swear by for a fabulous complexion? We’d love to hear from you!





Blink’s Top Tips To Survive The Awkward Grow-out Phase.

You know it has to happen, and you’ve probably been putting it off for too long now as the thought of regrowth is just too plain grim, and we completely get how awkward it can be, but if you want fuller, beautifully shaped brows, the awkward stage is a must. But Blink have some genius ways to styling it out- Here are our top tips for re-growth success.

Tip 1: Use a serum.
Look back at your high school pictures pre-puberty and the discovery of tweezers- That’s your inspiration. You can do it, you can have that much hair, but it can take months for hair to grow back in, so be patient, have faith and apply that serum morning and evening. Religiously.

Lourdes definitely hadn't discover tweezers at this point....

Lourdes definitely hadn’t discover tweezers at this point….

Tip 2: Trim.

Whilst you’re waiting for those brows to grow, you can encourage your existing brows to thicken to give your brows a better and stronger shape overall. Being careful not to scalp yourself, gently trim any longer, stray brow hairs to encourage them to grow back thicker. Only trim the very top off, as if you trim to much you’ll alter your brow shape. If you’re not too sure then visit Blink Brow Bar and book a consultation with our experts who can give you bespoke treatments, advice and products for your eyebrows.

Trim a little to thicken a lot!

Trim a little to thicken a lot!

Tip 3: CHEAT.

Invest in a few products to define your brows throughout those awkward stages. Powders are a great way to thicken up thin brows as you can really faux thickness and fill in extremely sparse areas with just a touch of powder. Learn how to use our B Brow Powder here. Finish with a gel to define and tease your hairs into the places that you want them to go, to really make the most of what you have.

Tip 4: Experiment.

Long gone are the days when it was just the pencil that we had to rely on, to really make the most of our brows. Now, Blink have an abundance of options for you to try out. If you love the control of the pencil then our Definer is the next level product. Gradually build up hair using the definer to create small, hair-like strokes for an ultra natural finish. If you want something quick, bold and fancy going for that all-out Cara look , the B Brow Powder really packs a punch, whilst the B Brow Pen is our go-to product for creating a defined and strong look.

B Options

Watch and learn how to use each B brow product on our You Tube Channel, HERE.

Tip 5. Tint it. 

A well applied tint will really transform not just your eye-area, but can completely change and frame your face. A tint should be one shade darker than your natural hair colour, and taking minutes to apply will give your brows the depth and presence to thicken the brow area and define your eyes. Book in with Blink for your tint patch test and get advice on what shade you should go for the perfect tint treatment.

tintingwebsite copy

A tint will last you from 2- 4 weeks.

Find out where our stores are and book your appointment at Blink Brow Bar.

Get The Look- Willow Shields

Scouted for The Hunger Games aged ten, screen sovereign Willow Shields is carving a path direct to stella status. Shields’s career began at the tender age of eight, narrating short film ‘Las Vegas New Mexico 1875’, alongside her twin sister Autumn and older brother River- Yes we know, what else would your career be with those names.


Best known for her role as Primrose Everdeen in The Hunger Games– Shields was scouted for the role at 10 years old and has grown-up with her character, who is written as the same age as the New Mexico bred starlet.

It’s apparent that Shields doesn’t live the life of a normal 14 year old. We mean, how many kids hang out at New York Fashion Week and follow the work of Miu Miu and Christian Siriano? “I like fun designers that take risks,” she told Wonderland Magazine. Her tastes are closer to those of a thirty-something culture vulture, but she holds a twinkle in her eye that depicts experiencing everything for the first time.

And those eyebrows.

Shields has clearly been gifted with naturally golden, Rupunzel locks as well as youthful, full brows that would make Cara quiver in her Converse. Brushed up. handsome and naturally arched in pretty-much the perfect pin-point. Shields’ eyebrows should have their own twitter account as far as we’re concerned. In fact, that’s not such a bad idea….



Channel Willow’s youthful brow and add an androgynous accent to your beauty look. There are a number of ways that you can do this and depending on your patience, opt for the following:

1. Full brows already? Get them tidied up, shaped and tinted at Blink to create a strong base. Then with a definer, fill in any sparse areas and define your brow tail to create a strong strong. Finish with a tinted or clear gel to brush up your brows at the front and brush up and out towards your natural arch. Be careful not to pull your outer brow tail down as this will pull in your face at your temples, pulling down your features. Trust us, not a youthful look.

2. Sparse and barely-there brows? Yes? Patience of a saint?… If the answer is no, then skip to option 3, now.
If you are a saint, then go cold turkey on any threading, plucking and tweezing for 8 weeks- you need to give them time to grow, then you can trade in your thinner brows for something fuller and more contemporary. Brow Oil every morning and night is a must for turbo-growth.

3) Fast track to bold, handsome, boyish brows and faux them with our Build-A-Brow treatment. New within the beauty industry and innovative in what it offers, our newest treatment is set to be 2015’s stand-out beauty breakthrough! Book your treatment with us at either Fenwick, New Bond Street or Saks, Fifth Avenue, NYC and learn more about the treatment, here.

TIP- Whilst you’re waiting for the magic to happen, pencil in your brows underneath your arch to flatten out any over arched areas with a powder or definer.

The British Fashion Awards 2014- Winning Beauty Looks

We were spoiled for choice with some gorgeous beauty looks from the glitterati at last night’s awards in London.

And call us biased, but some of our favourite looks were from our very own Brit gals, who added a glamorously cool edge to the red carpet, opting for something a little different to the award-attire norm.

Victoria Beckham- Best Brand

Victoria’s own-label has built up a reputation for creating contemporary tailoring and timeless pieces for the modern woman who wants something different.

She said: ‘Wow, thank-you. I am so so proud to be British and incredibly proud to have built my brand in the UK. I want to thank my team. I love you all so much and this is for all of you. 

The former Spice Girl kept things chic and low-key with a pleated, monochrome skirt, black knit and handsome footballer husband as her only real accessory. Her make-up was kept fresh with a glowing complexion, neutral palette and youthful, grown-out brows.


Get The Look:

The key to perfecting the VB look is having a bushy brow as a base. We know that we say this a lot, but it’s key to creating your best brows- Let things grow! If you’re dark, we know that this can be a bit of a nightmare as sparse brow-sprouting can look unsightly. you can cover these with a little face powder using a brow tamer for precise application. We love Mac’s Studio Fix Powder. In the meantime, a brow-growth oil should be applied day and night for maximum effects. If you really cannot be bothered with the re-growth stage, or just don’t have the time in waiting for beautiful brows to grow naturally, then Blink’s Build A Brow treatment will give you the fullness that you need in just one hour. Lasting 2-3 weeks you won’t need any other brow products- Just a quick brush through with the tamer and away you go!

Best Model- Cara Delevingne

It’s no secret that Miss Delevingne owns one of the best set of brows currently circuiting the fash-pack, and being the brow experts (*blows own trumpet*) we’re really proud that her brows she’s won Best Model.


Get The Look:

Cara’s brows are naturally full- Apparently she just tweezes them occasionally, so don’t follow her lead- Faux it! The key to a bold, boyish looking brow is to not look too groomed. A brow pen or powder will give you a matte finish and enough precision to create a defined shape- which is what gives Cara her brows their wow-factor. Keep arches low and straight across for the boyish look and brush up your brow-hair with a gel to ensure that they don’t look to ‘done’.

Emma Watson- Best British Style

We love Emma. She rocks. Not only is she super lovely, smart and talented, but she also has on point brows. A regular at Blink Brow Bar we’re so proud that the lovely Emma was crowned owner of the Best in British Style. Congratulations Emma!


Get The Look

Emma prefers to keep her brows defined and fairly slim-lined, but keeps things looking effortlessly cool by staying away from the tweezers and keeping brows thick, but trimmed. Visiting us regularly for her brow threading and trimming- Whether she be in London or New York City, Miss Watson’s brows look red-carpet glossy and groomed with a little help from a gel by the looks of things. If your brows aren’t as thick and need a bit of filling in then the B Definer will allow you to create hair like strokes where need be. Use either a clear or darker brow gel depending on how bold your feeling.

Tell us who your brow-icon is- Who’s beauty look do you look the most?

Taylor Swift For Wonderland Magazine

Earlier in the week, she wowed fans with her pared down natural look when images of her latest cover shoot were unveiled for the world to see for the latest edition of Wonderland Magazine.


The wholesome singer’s angelic looks were highlighted with beautiful, glowing skin, a contemporary smokey brown eye and framed with some fierce brows that quite frankly, we’re a bit jealous of.


Uber MUA Maxine Leonard, whose worked with Suki Waterhouse, Rita Ora, Adele and Kiera Knightley bolded up Swift’s brows a couple of shades darker than her natural colouring, whilst keeping the shape boyish and strong to highlight her elfin features and compliment the androgynous vibe of the shoot. A stunning look and one we’ll be channeling this season- Although the slicked back hair might take bit of courage to nail!


1. Brush out those brows to give yourself a clear base to start. It’s vital that you can see how your natural brows sit in order to manipulate them into a more boyish shape. It’s also imperative that you give yourself a clean canvas. Tip- An eyebrow tint is a huge time saver and will really help you to create a stronger brow.

2. Using a powder, start at the middle of your brows from the bottom line. Using sharp, light, upward strokes, start to fill in and create a flat, straight line towards the outer brow bone. If you have a natural arch then fill this in- You can do this with more precision using a Brow Pen or pencil if you find powder hard to work with.

3. With the excess powder, fill in the front of your brows using light vertical strokes- The key to a boy brow is for the hair to brush up a little at the front. It’s a groomed look, but one that looks masculine.

4. The tail of the brow needs to be defined, so move on from the powder and use a pencil or Brow Pen or pencil to shape and define. If you want to thicken up your brows, then a pen will give you more control and you can build up thickness gradually.

5. Set and darken (if you wish) with a gel. B Brow Bar’s Brow Gel comes in a spectrum of tones to suit your natural or desired depth of colour- From clear to almost black. Brush up at the front-to middle of the brow, then sweep the gel across to the tail of the brow for a strong and boyish finish.


Tayor Swift

Watch our tutorial on how to create the Boy-Brow.

The Princess of pop-purity’s fresh-faced and beautiful looks were given a lick of edge by the publication, who also shot some behind the scenes footage of the 1989 star which can be viewed here 

How to Get This Season’s Now-Brow

This season brows are bold, thick and luscious. Groomed but natural in shape, It’s all about the power-brow. Owning a straighter, more understated finish, brows are boyish and squared-out mirroring one of this season’s key trends of masculine-meets-feminine.
Here’s how to get the look with B The Eyebrow Experts:

Brush out your brows with the B Tamer to create a clean and groomed base to really see the natural shape of your eyebrows and arches.
The secret to achieving this bold but natural look is by starting the application at the centre of your brows with a powder to create a strong but soft texture. Apply B Brow Powder, moving outwards towards the brow tail using small, light strokes for a natural and even application.


Work with the shape you’ve got! Unless you’ve over-plucked in the past, nature will have created the best eyebrow shape for you, so keep to your natural shape, only playing down over-accented, or over-plucked arches by filling in the gaps using the Brow Powder.
Choose a colour that matches, or one that is just slightly darker than your hair colour. Take the powder outwards, being careful not to take the tail shape downwards as this can cause your eye area to look droopy.


Brush up and fill in any sparse hairs at the front of the brows with the excess powder on the
wand, being careful not to over-do it to keep things natural looking.
Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 17.37.08

TIP- If you prefer a sharp tail, then B Brow Pen will give super definition and a colour that won’t
budge. Ensure that you keep the tail-end horizontal to achieve this boyish look.












Cara Gets A Brow-Make-Over at Givenchy

Over the weekend it was the Givenchy show during Paris Fashion Week. Going against the trend-grain of bold brows, Creative Director, Riccardo Tisci sent some of the biggest faces in fashion down the catwalk with bleached eyebrows.

Makeup artist Pat McGrath bleached Cara Delevingne’s iconic eyebrows to near nonexistence, completely transforming the British model’s look.



As you can see, taking Miss Delevingne’s brows away, completely transformed the model’s look, proving that investing time and attention to your brow shape really does make all the difference.

As well as Cara, Pat McGrath bleached up Kendall Jenner, Edie Campbell, and Natasha Poly.


Edie Campbell



Kendall Jenner

It’s not the first time Kendall has had her brows-bleached in the name of fashion. Last season she had bleached brows for Givenchy and Marc Jacobs AW14, and for Teen Vogue earlier this summer.

The model said; “This is the sixth time since February!” she told the U publication. “I might have to start saying no at some point, because I’m getting worried they’re going to fall out!”.

Yeah, maybe give it a rest after the shows Kendall. We have to say though, she does pull off the zero-brow look pretty well! And as for Cara, keep those brows!

What do you think? Would you give this beauty trend a trial? If you do fancy going lighter, then book in with us for our Blink Eyebrow Lightening & Brow Colour Matching treatment. We can mix up the perfect colour bespoke to your needs to give you the best results.


SS15 Beauty Trend Report

Both on and off the catwalk this season, Blink have been lusting after the SS15 Fashion Week offerings. Folk-inspired floral embroidery at Holly Fulton, transparent silks, organza and crochet at Bora Asku and Marchesa’s Gypsie/Woodstock inspired gowns were to die for- And that’s just at the shows! Street style-pros didn’t disappoint, with the weird, wonderful and super- stylish showcasing their looks at various LFW hang-outs as well as the FROW residents demonstrating the reason why they nabbed a golden ticket to the hottest shows this side of Christmas.

Whilst London Fashion Week is still in full swing, we’ve been digesting what our friends across the pond offered up in terms of beauty trends. Trust New York to keep things clean, but we think you could definitely give these looks a British twist- Give the liner a softer look with a smudge and amp up the lip colour for a touch of winter warmth, before paring back when the sun starts to come out again next year. We know, the sun’s not quite gone in yet, but what better way to make dusting off the 80 deniers less depressing than to give your beauty-look an autumn/winter revamp using next summer’s key looks?!


Total English Rose, we love the natural boyish brow and pretty lip combo at Victoria Beckham.

VB’s collections keep going from strength to strength as she uses her British heritage with pared down, clean beauty. A dusting of B Brow Powder and a slick of B Brow Gel will help to achieve these youthful, preppy brows.

kohl infused cat-eyes with lighter brows and a 70s inspired center parting- One that we'll definitely be channeling this autumn.

Kohl infused cat-eyes with lighter brows and a 70s inspired center parting- One that we’ll definitely be channeling this autumn.

The MUAs at Tommy Hilfiger kept things all-American, but with a hint of British rock-chick in there we can’t help see our very own Kate Moss as inspiration for this look. A strong but light eyebrow, with sexy, smokey eyes is a fail-safe look to plump for this season coming. Keep brows in check with our new B Brow Definer and B Tamer and define eyes with B Intense Kajal Eyeliner, using the handy smudging tool at the end to give eyes a soft-focused finish.

Cinnamon Spice Brow Definer

B Cinnamon Spice Brow Definer

Orange is the new black it seems at Peter Som and we love the flash of neon contrasted with a pared back complexion and simple, slicked back hair. Note that the slicked back hair-line is a strong trend coming through from this season into next year. Less time on hair in the morning, more time in bed!

Neon liner and a smile. We love!

Neon liner and a smile. We love!

Top knots are back! (Were they ever gone?!) Marc Jacobs goes back to his game-changing 1992 collection for Perry Ellis for inspiration this season with his iconic grunge contrasting with flawlessly velvet skin. Naturally beautiful and of course unconventional- It is Mr Jacobs after all, models were given a nearly nude face that still looked groomed. Eyebrows really keep things framed here. Go for bold toned brows to achieve this look and either tint or darken your natural brow colour to frame eyes and define bone structure. Keep the silhouette natural though!

Models were sent down sans slap at Marc Jacobs- Or at least it seems...

Models were sent down sans slap at Marc Jacobs- Or at least it seems…

Keep your eyes peeled for more  fashion week beauty trend reports from the girls at Blink! Which ones will you be channeling?!

How To Get The Perfect Brow Shape.

Whether you’re in the know or keen to give your brows an over-haul, taking things back to basics will really help you achieve fabulous brows, whatever you’ve been naturally gifted with, or left with post (over) plucking!

Perfect Arch

First off, get prepped with the right tools.

You’ll need your eyebrow pencil to dot your markers, a mirror and a thin makeup brush or stick. B The Eyebrow Expert’s Eyebrow Pencil Collection is soft enough to give a natural finish, but the wax stops any pesky colour smudges and lasts longer than a powder based pencil. One end is the colour and the other end has a brush to allow the colour to be blended into the eyebrows. There are 5 tones to choose from. Shop the collection HERE.


Using your makeup brush or stick, measure a straight line from the corner of your nose, through the inner corner of your eye and into the eyebrow– See our image above. That’s point A, and where your eyebrow should begin.


The arch tends to be most flattering when above the centre of your eye, but if you’ve a long, oval face then lengthen this out towards your temples to faux a little width and add shape to your face.

Look straight ahead in the mirror, and using your stick again, measure a straight line from the corner of your nose, through the centre of your pupil, (or just to the side if you’re wanting to widen your face) and into the brow. That’s point B, and should be the highest part of your arch.


To find where your eyebrow should end, measure a straight line again from the corner of your nose, through the outer corner of your eye. Or again, if yore trying to add width go a little wider before marking your final point into the brow. That’s point C, and where your eyebrow should ideally end.

So there you have it. Short, sweet but informative. Let us know how you get on and if this method helps you get your brows back on the straight and not so narrow. And remember, your brows should be sisters, not twins- so don’t agonise over getting them to match up perfectly!

Sofia Coppola Champions Cannes Chic.

Sofia Coppola - mylusciouslife.com - style icon22

Daughter of Francis Ford Coppola, screenwriter, director and producer, Coppola was born in 1971 and raised in New York. Being the off spring of the director of Apocalypse Now and cousin to Nic Cage and Jason Schwartzman, Coppola wouldn’t have made a very good shrinking violet.

Coppola is one of only four women to nab an Oscar nomination for Best Director. Known for casting child stars and directing them in parts to see them become bonafide stars of the big screen, Coppola has previously cast BLINK Girl Emma Watson, the Fanning sisters and Kirsten Dunst. Her popularity saw it’s peak with Lost In Translation, epitomising Coppola’s brand of effortless indie cool.


Blink loves Coppola’s laid-back look and hard to define beauty. Her bee-stung lips and bold, arched brows are given an effortless edge with her beach-styled locks and simply-silhouetted wardrobe.

This year’s Cannes Film Festival see’s the modern day icon juror at the globally heralded event and with her easy going but groomed look, we predict her red-carpet looks to be championed.


The key to achieving Sofia Coppola’s effortlessly cool beauty look is to keep your eyebrow shape natural and not too sharp. Work with your natural brow shape, only extending the outer point and filling in any gaps only if necessary. A brushed out brow will help to achieve a fuller finish, so B The Eyebrow Experts Gel should be brushed up and through your brows after you’ve filled things out with our B The Eyebrow Experts Pencil or B The Eyebrow Experts Powder tools. If you’ve over plucked and your brows simply don’t have that much ‘bush’ then Blink’s Build A Brow Service at Fenwick is a must-have treatment for you to check out. Book now to have your brow line filled out with our innovative eyebrow hair extension and shaping services. 


Fashion Week Prep: Super Natural Brows

The London Fashion Week schedule has been announced and we know all you fashion and beauty bloggers are starting to prep now for hitting the catwalk shows. It’s definitely the perfect time to try our Super Natural brow shape which was inspired by the A/W 2013 shows.

Our Super Natural treatment includes an eyebrow shape by one of our expert technicians, a tint to give you the perfect shade, and you get to take home our B Brow Gel in clear so that you can maintain your look throughout all of Fashion Week.

To see the entire LFW fashion week schedule click here. To read more about our Super Natural Brow service, click here. And don’t forget to tweet us @blinkbrowbar using #SuperNaturalBrows.

Beautiful Bridal Brows… and Lashes!

We absolutely love getting brides ready for their special day, and we thought we would share a few tips to make sure you lovely ladies can take full advantage of our services before you walk down the aisle! To get your brows and lashes looking their absolute best, here are a few tips:

Book a trial. If you are going to be doing anything different to your brows for your wedding, we recommend coming in for a trial first. For example, if you’ve never tinted before you should test out how dark you want to go. Or, if you’ve never had your eyebrows threaded, our expert therapists can perform patch tests to make sure your skin won’t have any reaction that would still be lingering for your bridal debut!

Try our Rose FacialThis is perfect for the super busy bride. Our Rose Facial is only 20 minutes but offers your skin a complete exfoliation, and will cool your skin while also completely moisturising it. This express facial even combats the signs of aging with our B moisturising rose day cream. We recommend coming in around two weeks before your wedding for this treatment.

Choose the right lashes. We have a variety of lash options for our brides. Our cluster lashes are great, but we recommend trying them first as sometimes they take a little getting used to if you have never had extensions before. We recommend our Flirty Lashes which look completely natural but will give your eyelashes extra length and volume! If you want something that will last through your honeymoon try our semi-permanent lashes, which also look totally natural, but long and luscious at the same time.

Don’t forget about our special packages. We offer the following special pricing for all of our Blink brides!

Congrats to all of our summer brides. Make sure to tweet us your #bridalbrows to @blinkbrowbar!

Festival Brows

Festival season is almost in full swing, and we know you’re already planning your perfect ensemble. The way we see it you can go for one of two options, super bold or total-hippy-natural. AND it just so happens that we have the perfect eyebrow treatments to perfect your look!

The Bold Look

What to wear: 

Anything leather, gladiator sandals, gold jewellery, animal prints, sparkle!


Our “Bold Brow” service is still a huge hit, and includes a shape, tint, and a pencil to give your brows that extra definition. Our brow experts will even teach you how to get the pencil just right before you hit the concert crowds.

Celebrity Inspiration:

Emma Watson, who is a regular at Blink, at Coachella earlier this year. Notice her gorgeous defined arch.

The Au-Natural Look

What to wear:

Denim Rompers, Cut-off jean shorts, vintage t-shirts, anything with feathers.


Our new “Super-Natural” brow service is the perfect way to maintain a defined, perfect shape, all while looking like you just rolled out of bed with perfectly natural brows.

Celebrity Inspiration:

Diane Kruger, also at Coachella 2013. Only the experts would know she’s had a brow-shape. Effortless with a touch of glam!

Here’s hoping the weather stays dry for all of the fun. And don’t forget to tweet us from the action @blinkbrowbar with #festivalbrows, to tell us which look you went for.

Blink Loves Dads.

This Fathers Day is a great chance for the dad in your life to experience our treatments for the first time. If you thought eyebrow threading was just for ladies, then think again! More and more men are recognizing the change that a little eyebrow tidy-up makes to their whole entire face and appearance.

At Blink, we believe that the sculpting should be reserved for the women, but our male clients see a big difference when they have our “Tidy and Trim” service. Additionally, we can also just clean up the space between the brows, or even tint his brows with our “Eyebrow Groom” which also includes a brow massage.

For those of you that want to give an extra special treat this Fathers Day, why not gift him with our “Eye Soother” treatment, a refreshing massage for tired eyes, OR a full head, neck and shoulder massage.

For our Canary Wharf Dad’s we even have a “Stress Buster” treatment which is aimed at all those men who spend way too many late nights in the office. This consists of a longer and more intense massage, and is a perfect opportunity to have a little rest and relaxation in the middle of a hectic work day.

Happy Fathers Day from all of us at Blink!

For more on our men’s treatments, click here.

Need a New Year Beauty Boost?

Party season is over and now it’s all about detoxes, diets, and gym memberships. Don’t be so hard on yourself! We here at Blink think all of you ladies are totally fab. It’s cold in January. Have that glass of red wine if you feel like it.

If you do feel like making a small change in your beauty routine that makes a big impact, why not try one of our bespoke brow and lash treatments? Last year Tatler magazine proclaimed that the speediest way to give your face a boost was with a trip to one of our brow bars. We couldn’t agree more.

AND just because it’s January we have teamed up with In Style magazine to give you 25% off of treatments during the month. Just make sure to pick up your copy of the magazine and bring it with you. And if you love your treatment or feel like we could make a few adjustments, make sure to tweet us @blinkbrowbar. We love hearing from you gorgeous girls!


The BLINK Party Edit

The next two weeks or so are going to be jammed with parties, and while some of us have spent hours perfecting our party look, others have left it to the last minute. So we here at BLINK have tried to make your last minute frock shopping a bit easier.

The above dresses our some of our favourites, and not only are they fantastic, they are all available on Net-A-Porter, so you can have one delivered straight to your desk at work. Even if you don’t order from the above take inspiration from our picks. The party season is the time of year to wear glitter, sparkle, and embellishment.

(1) Temperley London, web sequined tulle dress

(2) Sass & Bide, Stripe effect embellished silk-blend dress

(3) Alice + Olivia, metallic lace dress

(4) Matthew Williamson, embellished jacquard dress

(5) Alice + Olivia, karmel sequined mesh dress

Make sure to stop by one of our brow bars to enhance your party look with some killer lash extensions.

A very happy holidays from everyone at BLINK! 


A Royal Baby On the Way!

It was only a few weeks ago that Kate Middleton was quoted saying that she would want to have baby news by Christmas. Well, that was fast! Clarence House announced TODAY that Prince William and his lovely Duchess are expecting a royal bundle of joy. Are you as excited as we are?!

Here’s what we know so far:

  • Kate is currently in the hospital with severe morning sickness. Yikes! We don’t envy her having to face the media upon her departure!
  • Turns out Sarah Burton is ALSO pregnant. Could the chicest maternity collection in history be on it’s way?
  • Boy or Girl? It may not matter. William and Kate petitioned Parliament earlier in the year to allow a baby girl to take the throne. Girl power!

A huge congratulations to the lovely couple from the entire BLINK team!

Blink Loves British Fashion

Last night we were on hand to witness some amazing ensembles at the British Fashion Awards.  We fell even more in love with Stella McCartney, who took home the award for Designer of the Year and Best Designer Brand. During her acceptance speech she told a story about studying fashion in France and how she was told by her mentor that she would never make it as a British designer because no woman had ever created a successful fashion label in Britain. Boy, did she prove him wrong!

We sipped champagne at The Savoy while watching Nicholas Kirkwood win for “Best Accessories”, Erdem for the “New Establishment Award”, and Cara Delevigne (love her brows!) won “Model of the Year.” What a fantastic evening!