Blink’s Top Tips To Survive The Awkward Grow-out Phase.

You know it has to happen, and you’ve probably been putting it off for too long now as the thought of regrowth is just too plain grim, and we completely get how awkward it can be, but if you want fuller, beautifully shaped brows, the awkward stage is a must. But Blink have some genius ways to styling it out- Here are our top tips for re-growth success.

Tip 1: Use a serum.
Look back at your high school pictures pre-puberty and the discovery of tweezers- That’s your inspiration. You can do it, you can have that much hair, but it can take months for hair to grow back in, so be patient, have faith and apply that serum morning and evening. Religiously.

Lourdes definitely hadn't discover tweezers at this point....

Lourdes definitely hadn’t discover tweezers at this point….

Tip 2: Trim.

Whilst you’re waiting for those brows to grow, you can encourage your existing brows to thicken to give your brows a better and stronger shape overall. Being careful not to scalp yourself, gently trim any longer, stray brow hairs to encourage them to grow back thicker. Only trim the very top off, as if you trim to much you’ll alter your brow shape. If you’re not too sure then visit Blink Brow Bar and book a consultation with our experts who can give you bespoke treatments, advice and products for your eyebrows.

Trim a little to thicken a lot!

Trim a little to thicken a lot!

Tip 3: CHEAT.

Invest in a few products to define your brows throughout those awkward stages. Powders are a great way to thicken up thin brows as you can really faux thickness and fill in extremely sparse areas with just a touch of powder. Learn how to use our B Brow Powder here. Finish with a gel to define and tease your hairs into the places that you want them to go, to really make the most of what you have.

Tip 4: Experiment.

Long gone are the days when it was just the pencil that we had to rely on, to really make the most of our brows. Now, Blink have an abundance of options for you to try out. If you love the control of the pencil then our Definer is the next level product. Gradually build up hair using the definer to create small, hair-like strokes for an ultra natural finish. If you want something quick, bold and fancy going for that all-out Cara look , the B Brow Powder really packs a punch, whilst the B Brow Pen is our go-to product for creating a defined and strong look.

B Options

Watch and learn how to use each B brow product on our You Tube Channel, HERE.

Tip 5. Tint it. 

A well applied tint will really transform not just your eye-area, but can completely change and frame your face. A tint should be one shade darker than your natural hair colour, and taking minutes to apply will give your brows the depth and presence to thicken the brow area and define your eyes. Book in with Blink for your tint patch test and get advice on what shade you should go for the perfect tint treatment.

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A tint will last you from 2- 4 weeks.

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