Create the perfect Halloween Smokey Eye

Whilst some people will be out shopping for devil horns, or perhaps a long dark cape, we know that Halloween is all about the make-up!

Halloween provides the perfect excuse to go braver and bolder so we’re going to show you how to create a flawless smokey-eye that will transform you in to a glamorous ghoul.

Group Looks

If you’re going to be dancing until dawn, you need to ensure that your smokey eye can go the distance! Learn how below.

STEP 1: With its long lasting creamy formula, our bbrowbar Highlighter doubles up as a perfect base. Apply the chubby pencil across the entire eye lid, using the smudge sponge to blend.

STEP 2: Reach for our bbrowbar Black Kajal Pencil and apply a thick stroke along the lash line on both your lower and upper eye lid. Use the sponge applicator to blend and soften the colour.

STEP 3: Although originally designed to thicken brows, bbrowbar Brow Powder works perfectly as a dramatic eyeshadow. Using our Brow Powder (in Cardamom Pod shade), you can now build on the frame you have created with the Kajal pencil. Tap away any excess powder from the sponge applicator and gently apply to the eye-lid, starting at the inside corner of the eye. Use soft strokes to slowly build colour and create your desired shape.

STEP 4: Now you’re ready to add drama with a pair of bbrowbar Strip Lashes. Use a pair of nail scissors to trim the lashes to the size of your lids, then carefully apply the eyelash glue waiting for it to become tacky. Using one hand to hold down your eyelid, use the other hand to gently press the strip to the base of your lashes. Use tweezers to help nudge the strip in to place.

Top Tip: Once the lashes are holding properly you can reapply a stroke of Kajal Pencil along the line of the strip lashes.

STEP 5: You can add more depth to your makeup by contouring your lips with bbrowbar Black Kajal Pencil. Apply a red lipstick first, then draw a line with the Kajal Pencil. Using a brush, blend the black shade into the red lipstick.



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