Define and Contour

We’ve all spent the last 6 months watching videos and attempting to champion the perfect face contour; but what about contouring the most important feature on your face, your brow arch?

We’re going to tell you how, in 3 easy steps, to achieve the perfect arch contour to open up your eyes and frame your face. Listen up!

Step 1: Take your favourite brow colour product such as a Brow Pencil, Definer or Pen and apply as you usually would, light strokes in the direction of hair growth to build up natural colour and fill in gaps.

Step 2: Featuring an all natural Micellar formula, the bbrowbar Brow Corrector will enable you to shape the perfect arch. After applying your colour product, use the defined tip to tidy up any mistakes or smudges and to create a perfectly precise brow.

Step 3: Use the bbrowbar Highlighter to accentuate your arch and define your brow. Apply the creamy, chubby pencil underneath your brow bone in gentle strokes. Using the sponge at the other end of the pencil, blend the colour to create a subtle glow.

correct and perfect