Define and Build With B The Eyebrow Experts’ Latest Brow Offering

Whether you want to keep things lowbrow, full browed or quite frankly you’re looking a little ‘no-brow’, Blink’s innovative B Brow Pen needs be your go-to beauty tool

Launched last month, our fine tipped pen allows you to create, shape and build up your brows with natural results.

Our latest addition to B The Eyebrow Expert’s beauty bounty, we thought that a little guidance would be helpful in using our newest recruit to it’s full potential.

1.First things first, brush your brows through with a tamer to ensure you’ve got a clean and
groomed eyebrow to work with.

B Brow Tamer

2. Start at the arch, rather than the beginning of your brow start to apply your chosen B Brow Pen (there are 2 colours)- This is really important if you want a natural looking brow. Using an ultra gentle motion, create light, hair-like strokes and gradually build up to the desired effect.

B Brow Pen

3. Then, if your brows are really sparse at the front work at the start of the brow using feather like strokes to ensure a really natural effect.
4. For a stronger and darker eyebrow silhouette, blend the pen into the skin and hairs until the pen dries so that the pen strokes blend in naturally with your own eyebrows.


5. Finish and set with B Brow Gel to ensure brow hairs stay put for a groomed and glossy finish.
You can chose from Clear, Cinnamon Spice, Indian Chocolate and Cardamom Pod.



Don’t worry! The colour of our B Pen might initially appear reddish as you start applying.  However, this will subside as the pen dries into it’s natural colour.