Diary of a Blink Bride-To-Be

With little over 3 months to go before my ‘Big Day’ it’s dawned on me that I’m going to be on show and papped from every possible angle- So I better look my best. Luckily I work at Blink, the messiah’s of eyebrows and fountain of knowledge when it comes to getting perfectly prepped for your wedding day.

I’ll be putting Blink’s treatments, advice and products into play over the next few months so that you can see exactly what to expect from your visit to Blink Brow Bar and what effects and results you can achieve from B The Eyebrow Expert’s cosmetic collection.


Blink Brow Bar Threading

Growing up in the 90s, I was one of the lucky few at my school not to have over plucked their eyebrows, or get their belly button pierced. I can’t take any credit for these decisions though. The non-pluckage was purely because I couldn’t actually see my brows to get tweezer-happy (I’m VERY fair, you see) and swerving the navel puncture was because I was too scared of what my mum would say. With this in mind, my eyebrows aren’t a bad canvas to start with, but with Blink’s expert therapists on hand, they can most definitely reach their potential.

Blink Brow Bar offers a  whole host of options to make the most of the eyebrow and with a bolder, more natural shape being back in the frame, it really is a must have treatment for brides-to-be. Your eyebrows have the potential to frame and make the most of your face shape and features, as well instantly take years off your face- So think of the wedding snaps and read on…

I’ve been getting away with just a few strokes of an eyebrow pencil for a little shape, random tweezing and that’s about it; so getting some up to date education in the brow department from Blink was long overdue.

Threading is something that I’ve been meaning to try, but just never got around to booking in (read; I’m too scared – What if it really hurts?!) but I can’t really wiggle out of the challenge now I’m a Blink Girl now, can I?!

The Blink Mission is ‘that we strive to make life easier for women. 15 minutes in a Blink chair and you will leave feeling fabulous’. I was ready to take the test to see if the pioneers of the revolutionary ‘brow-bar’ concept could transform my brows from wash-out lame, to fabulous in just 15 minutes.

Arriving at the wondrous smelling Blink Bar within Selfridges’ Beauty Hall (I later find out that it’s Blink’s divine Indian Rose Candle) I’m greeted by Kinnari who will be transforming my eyebrows for the next few months in the lead up to my wedding. A true expert in all things brow and beyond, Kinnari has 7 years’ experience in threading alone, so I began to relax as I took a plush seat in the laid back Blink Brow Bar, ready for my consultation.

IndianRoseCandel 005

When I say my eyebrows are fair, I’m talking teetering on white. So, Kinnari took one look at my brows and gently suggested a tint to take them a couple of shades away from their current state of practically transparent – I readily agreed.

Applying a balm around my brows to protect my skin, Kinnari applies a warm brown dye for just 30 seconds, capturing the teeny white hairs that will be threaded to ensure that a clean line is created, thus the Chaplin-esque brows, below.

Wiping it off, my brows are revealed in the form of a very natural colour that suits my hair and skin tone perfectly.

tintCara’s got nothing on me. 

Now for the shaping. Kinnari assesses my face shape and bone structure, explaining that everyone’s eyebrows are naturally formed to fit with what we’re born with on the face-front. Tactically telling me that whilst I’ll never own Cara’s full-on bushy brows, if I stop with the sporadic and random tweezing sessions and let the patchy areas grow-out, then with the help of Blink’s skilful team I will be the owner of thicker, more defined and symmetrical brows. Kinnari starts by threading the underline of my outer brow area to pull-out my natural arch which will widen my temple area and give shape to my oval face. Asking me to pull my skin taut, the threading begins- And it’s really not painful at all! Even with my sensitive skin it’s far less so than plucking and super speedy too.


3 minutes of skilful threading and trimming, my brows have been taken from barely there and ‘meh’, to face-shaping and fabulous. To sooth the small amount of post-threading redness, Blink’s Pure Rose Water Gel is applied whilst I’m treated to a soothing Ayurvedic mini massage.


Kinnari then pencils in any bald patches with Blink Eyebrow Pencil in Cinnamon Spice, brushing them through with Blink’s nourishing Eyebrow Gel in Clear to finish. Kinnari arms me with some vital after-care tips and strict instructions to stay away from the tweezers and let my brows grow until my next visit in 4 weeks.


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