Festival Beauty SOS



It’s always the same story. You spend hours perfecting your polish and standing around like a scarecrow until your nails are bone dry, then wave your arms around for five minutes and a festival and hello chip! So annoying!

Shallac is your savour when it comes to the gritty fun of festivals. Blink Brow Bar has an awesome collection of summer hued lArtistic Gel Polishes that will keep your talons looking fresh and glossy for 2 weeks at a least. Book your manicure with us here.


If you’re not maintaining a good skincare routine (and lets face it, who does at a festival), you’re skin can get into all sorts of trouble, so you’re going to need a quick remedy. Our B The Eyebrow Experts Rose Collection will hydrate and sooth. Fast absorbing, cooling and the smell can only be a welcome to the usual festival ‘scents’.

B Rose Day Cream


Here’s hoping that they’ll be sunshine, not rain wherever you’re heading. Make sure you use a good SPF to keep skin from burning. Net-a-Porter is our go-to beauty mecca and they not only stock B The Eyebrow Experts’ range, but a whole host of sun-friendly premium brands.


Beyonce- Smelling of roses.

Beyonce- Smelling of roses.

Along with the sun-downers, treat your skin to B The Eyebrow Experts’ Pure Rose Water Gel. Healing properties such as Rose and Aloe Vera will pep up and sooth sun-rouged skin.
Top Tip – if you take a cool bag, keep it in there for an extra refreshing treat.


..or you could get some finger tattoos and continue to hold this position?

..or you could get some finger tattoos and continue to hold this position?

This is your NBF when it comes to low maintenance beauty. Book in for an eyelash and brow tint at one or our Blink Brow Bars to save time on applying make-up. However good you’ve got at getting your routine down-pat, applying it in a tent is a challenge!
Top Tip- Keep brows in groomed and glossy with a quick slick of B Brow Gel. It’s a beauty Ed must-have.

Get experimental

D Squared Backstage Beauty SS 2012

                  D Squared Backstage Beauty SS 2012

Festivals are great time to think outside the box a little when it comes to make-up and accessories and create looks to stand out from the crowd. This summer stock up on  temporary tattoos, glitter pots and craft gems – also very useful for covering an unwanted blemish and so much fun to apply! Let’s face it, you couldn’t get away with wearing face glitter many places- unless you’re 5 years old..

Have a great festival season, wherever you’re heading!


Blink x