Help! My Brows Are Weedy!

For most of us, big, bold brows don’t come naturally. Whether it’s genetics, or too much plucking in the past, our nerdy little arches could use a boost. Thankfully, we’ve got tons of options for getting fuller-looking eyebrows.

The Solution:

For a bold but realistic brow, B The Eyebrow Experts Brow Powder is the easiest and most effect way to fill in sparse gaps and even faux a thicker line overall. You can learn how to use our B Powder at, HERE 

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If you don’t want to fake it any longer, we recommend our B Luscious Lash Oil that can help regrow wimpy brows. Castor oil is a tried and true Italian grandma trick, and our easy to apply oil is combination of castor oil, jojoba oil to moisturise and strengthen, Apricot Kernel oil to condition and hydrate lashes, Bamboo to promote shine and rosemary to stimulate growth- Apply to any and all areas where you would like to see thick, longer hair.”