Get Neelam’s LFW Look

Last night, our Brow Queen Neelam owned the catwalk at Ashish’s London Fashion Week SS17 show, opening and closing the vibrant display. The Delhi-born designer took inspiration from “Bollywood pop culture”, with beautifully embellished clothing and traditional Asian head-wear.


BUT, it was Neelams horizontal brows that we couldn’t get enough of. Create this look at home with just two of our easy-to-use bbrowbar products:

Step 1: bbrowbar Brow Definer

With an ultra precise nib and matte finish, our Brow Definer is the perfect colour product to achieve this look. Using short sharp strokes, build up colour in the front half of your eyebrow. When you reach the highest point of your arch, continue to draw a thin, straight line for approximately 1.5 centimeters. When you are happy with this length, apply slightly more product to create a triangular point. Don’t worry about being too precise at this stage! Leave the tail of your brow, completely make-up free.

Step 2: bbrowbar Brow Corrector 

To achieve the defined point at the end of the brow, tidy up with our Brow Corrector. With a gentle Micellar Formula, the Corrector will enable you to neaten up for a sharp finish.