How To Get The Perfect Brow Shape.

Whether you’re in the know or keen to give your brows an over-haul, taking things back to basics will really help you achieve fabulous brows, whatever you’ve been naturally gifted with, or left with post (over) plucking!

Perfect Arch

First off, get prepped with the right tools.

You’ll need your eyebrow pencil to dot your markers, a mirror and a thin makeup brush or stick. B The Eyebrow Expert’s Eyebrow Pencil Collection is soft enough to give a natural finish, but the wax stops any pesky colour smudges and lasts longer than a powder based pencil. One end is the colour and the other end has a brush to allow the colour to be blended into the eyebrows. There are 5 tones to choose from. Shop the collection HERE.


Using your makeup brush or stick, measure a straight line from the corner of your nose, through the inner corner of your eye and into the eyebrow– See our image above. That’s point A, and where your eyebrow should begin.


The arch tends to be most flattering when above the centre of your eye, but if you’ve a long, oval face then lengthen this out towards your temples to faux a little width and add shape to your face.

Look straight ahead in the mirror, and using your stick again, measure a straight line from the corner of your nose, through the centre of your pupil, (or just to the side if you’re wanting to widen your face) and into the brow. That’s point B, and should be the highest part of your arch.


To find where your eyebrow should end, measure a straight line again from the corner of your nose, through the outer corner of your eye. Or again, if yore trying to add width go a little wider before marking your final point into the brow. That’s point C, and where your eyebrow should ideally end.

So there you have it. Short, sweet but informative. Let us know how you get on and if this method helps you get your brows back on the straight and not so narrow. And remember, your brows should be sisters, not twins- so don’t agonise over getting them to match up perfectly!