How to Get This Season’s Now-Brow

This season brows are bold, thick and luscious. Groomed but natural in shape, It’s all about the power-brow. Owning a straighter, more understated finish, brows are boyish and squared-out mirroring one of this season’s key trends of masculine-meets-feminine.
Here’s how to get the look with B The Eyebrow Experts:

Brush out your brows with the B Tamer to create a clean and groomed base to really see the natural shape of your eyebrows and arches.
The secret to achieving this bold but natural look is by starting the application at the centre of your brows with a powder to create a strong but soft texture. Apply B Brow Powder, moving outwards towards the brow tail using small, light strokes for a natural and even application.


Work with the shape you’ve got! Unless you’ve over-plucked in the past, nature will have created the best eyebrow shape for you, so keep to your natural shape, only playing down over-accented, or over-plucked arches by filling in the gaps using the Brow Powder.
Choose a colour that matches, or one that is just slightly darker than your hair colour. Take the powder outwards, being careful not to take the tail shape downwards as this can cause your eye area to look droopy.


Brush up and fill in any sparse hairs at the front of the brows with the excess powder on the
wand, being careful not to over-do it to keep things natural looking.
Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 17.37.08

TIP- If you prefer a sharp tail, then B Brow Pen will give super definition and a colour that won’t
budge. Ensure that you keep the tail-end horizontal to achieve this boyish look.