Get The Look- Ruby Rose

Going into season three of Orange Is the New Black—available for binge watching on Netflix now—we knew little about the new inmate shaking things up at Litchfield. But after some serious googling, we’ve found that Stella Carlin is not all that different from the striking real-life beauty who plays her. Ruby Rose, like Carlin hails from Australia, sports an androgynous look, and is completely comfortable and confident in her own tattoo-covered skin. Recently interviewed by our friends over at Net-a-Porter, Rose states that her beauty look is ‘A strong brow, a neutral lip and contouring makeup’.

We love her androgynous style, contrasted with her classically beautiful looks it’s not surprise that the 29 year first cut her teeth on the media bone as a model. Although she says that she got rejected for being ‘too edgy’ to star in campaigns for the main stream bookings “I wanted to be something,” says Rose, “to prove to the girls in high school, and to prove to my mum and dad, that I could be really…spectacular.”


With a hand in acting, modeling, designing, and DJ’ing, this multi-tasking chick isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and we already think that this beauty has made a spectacular entrance.



Get The Look:

Rose’s beauty look proves that if you’ve got a fringe/bangs, then groomed brows still have their place in framing your face. Here’s how to create her thick, boyish brows:

1. Prep brows and brush through with a Tamer to ensure that you have a smooth, clean and groomed canvas.

2. Starting at the middle point of your brow, tapping off any excess, apply bbrowbar Brow Powder in the colour of your choice– We like to go darker for this look to add a punchy edge. Use light short strokes in the direction of your hair growth and fill in and thicken the arch with the powder ending at the tail of the brow. Finish with a few strokes at the front of the brow but make sure you go light on the application here, otherwise you’ll end up with a painted on look.

Watch the how to video, below:

3. If you prefer a sharper tail end, then define the edges with bbrowbar Brow Pen.

4. Set and brush through with bbrowbar Brow Gel in either coloured for an intense finish, or clear if your brows already own a dark tone.