How to Tame Wayward Brows

When age turns your formerly smooth, well-behaved brows into wayward, wiry rebels, you’re going to need some extra help. Sabah Feroz, resident brow expert at blinkbrowbar at Saks Fifth Avenue, New York, shares her expert advice with  on how to tame those furry dragons in 5 easy steps:


1. Trim long hairs.


Using a tamer to comb hair straight up toward your hairline. Then, grab a small pair of scissors to trim any hairs that extend above your natural brow’s border.

2. Fill in the gaps.


Using light, upward strokes, fill any visible spaces in your brows with a Brow Pen or Definer. Immediately after, brush your brows (again, using upward strokes) with the Tamer to blend the Pen’s color before it dries.

3. Define.


With a soft, wax-based pencil like bbrowbar Pencil, draw a faint outline around your natural brow shape. Then, use that Tamer (yes, again), to brush your brows upward and downward—this smudges and blends the outline into your brows to keep things looking natural.

4. Gel & Fix.


To set wiry hairs and tame wayward strays, we recommend brushing through brows once more with a tinted brow gel like bbrowbar Eyebrow Grooming Gel ($23/£17, Use short, gentle strokes away from the center of your face on either side.

5. Highlight


For a final touch that will make the eyes pop and contour the face, dot blinkbrowbar’s Highlighter in Pearly White ($24/£16, along the underside of your brows, just above the arc of your brow bone, says Feroz. Then, using the sponge tip, blend the lighter shade across your brow bone.

Tip: To smooth coarse brows for the long haul, swipe Blink’s Nourishing Brow Oil ($25/£16, over your brows at night to encourage growth, keep them soft and the skin beneath them hydrated.