I want longer lashes

Don’t we all. Whether it’s for a wedding, a holiday, or special occasion, lash extensions are all the rage. Waking up with long and luscious lashes means all you need is a little eyebrow pencil and some lip-gloss, and you’re on your way out the door.

Addicted to the length?

We have plenty of ladies that have extensions done regularly, and as long as you are using your B London lash oil, you’ll minimize any damage to your own lashes.

The Solution:

Strip Lashes:

Perfect for a night out and a bit of fun. Our Blink experts will apply one single strip to last you all night long!  £10 with application.

Cluster Lashes:

We can create all types of looks with our cluster lashes. Want to have a little extra length but still look super natural, we can just add a few clusters on to your lashes. Prefer a 60’s look? We can place the clusters on mostly the ends to give you that coveted cat-eye. Our cluster lashes are 3 individual lashes per bulb, and come in different colours, lengths and styles. Cluster lashes last for 1-2 weeks and take 60 minutes to apply. Cluster Lashes start from £30.

Semi Permanent Lashes:

Throw out your mascara. Our wonderfully natural lashes last up to 6 weeks after our technicians place individual lashes to your own. Don’t worry, we can replace them when they eventually fall out. If you’ve never had extensions before we recommend starting with a half set, but once you have them on, you may be convinced to have a full long and luscious set. Remember oils can remove the lashes, so avoid oil based mascaras and eye-makeup removers. We also recommend a glue patch test at least 48 hours before the treatment. (Price)

Semi Permanent Mascara:

A fabulous treatment to add length to the lashes. This hour-long treatment is well worth it, and lasts up to 6 weeks! (Price)

Eyelash Perm:

Got the length but need the curl? We use small rods to set the curl in your lashes. So long, eyelash curler. This hour-long treatment also lasts up to 6 weeks.