My eyebrows are too skinny

Over-plucked over the years? Don’t worry. Chances are your brows are still growing, so the key is to be patient. The middle section of your brows takes much longer to grow back then the bottom of your brows, so just give them a little time and space away from your happy-go-lucky tweezers.

The Solution

Step 1

Use our B Nourishing Brow Oil. This easy to roll oil uses organic Almond Oil, Rosemary and Lavender to stimulate hair growth. We recommend working it into your pre-bedtime beauty routine. If you don’t have our brow oil, you can also use Almond Oil with Essence of Rosemary and simply dab on with a cotton bud.

Step 2

When you’ve given your brows some room to grow, and feel that they are at their fullest, it’s time to pop in and see us. Our brow technicians will ascertain how to realistically shape them depending on their width and length. We’ll make the most of what you’ve got, but remember, the longer you let them grow, the better.

Step 3

Nurture your brows. We now offer our “Brow Back On the Road” service which means you can see the same consultant three separate times to ensure that your brow are being nurtured to their fullest, and you get them back to where you want them to be before they were attacked by your tweezers. £45