New In- The Ultimate Tweezers

As the Eyebrow Experts, we LOVE the method of threading and believe that the best way of creating the perfect brow-whatever the style you want, is with the ancient method of threading.


But, after listening to our clients and their beauty needs, we understand that a excellent pair of tweezers is still a must-have in everyone’s make-up bags. In-between your threading appointments we also advise not to pluck any hairs out, but we also appreciate that this is easier said than done, so we thought the only thing to do is to supply you with the best tweezers possible for that hard-to-crack beauty habit- And lets be honest, it a hair springs up in-between your brows, you’re going to want to be rid of it!


                                                  BBROWBAR TWEEZERS

Super sleek, these angled tweezers have been ergonomically designed by our eyebrow experts for the ultimate precision in hair removal- For those of you who just can’t resist that stray hair.


Crafted from high quality, stainless steel with precision ground tips to grip even the finest hairs, BBROWBAR Tweezers will remove the unwanted in a flash.

TIP!: Make sure you clean your tweezers after each use and remove any particles on the tips to prevent any ingrowing hairs. If you’ve sensitive skin then apply a cooling gel directly to the area to minimise redness. Our BBROWBAR Rose Water Gel and Aloe Vera Gel are soothing and cooling, whatever your skin type.