Indian Chocolate Brow Build

Indian Chocolate Brow Build

Brow Build helps achieve a fuller and bolder brow look in a matter of seconds.


Price: £19.00

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This clever part-gel, part-cream formula contains miniscule fi­bres that mimic the appearance of abundant brow hair, creating the illusion of thicker, fuller brows.

Developed to fi­ll and colour all eyebrows, the product quickly attaches to brow hair, helping to fi­ll
sparse areas and creating a fabulously full and voluminous effect.

Fast-drying, smudge-proof and with a matte fi­nish, Brow Build’s long-lasting formula will ensure your brows stay put all day (or night) long. As its name indicates, Brow Build is also buildable for those preferring a stronger brow look.

Brow Build is available in two shades that will seamlessly blend with your natural hair colour.


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