Brow Treatments


Achieve this season’s ‘must-have’ look with our tailor made treatments.

Build-A-Brow £85

Build-A-Brow is a pioneering service that gives you your dream brows in just one treatment. Much like eyelash extensions, our Therapists apply brow extensions to the existing baby-hairs, to fill in areas and create the brow-shape and thickness you want. Bespoke to you, your Therapist will talk through what shape and thickness you want to create a completely natural finish.

Untouched Brow £25

Take the fear out of your first threading experience. A gentle session to achieve your desired finish. This treatment, designed for threading virgins includes an extended consultation with your Therapists, a Brow Shape and a Mini Brow Pencil to take home.

Brow-hab £40

If you’re in need of a brow intervention, then this service is for you! Let your Therapist remove any stray hairs and perfect your brow arch with a Brow Shape. You’ll take away a bbrowbar Brow Pencil, plus a bbrowbar Brow Oil which will nourish your brow hairs and encourage hair growth.

Brows Back on the Road £49

For blinkbrowbar virgins exclusively, achieve your dream brows with Brows Back on the Road. This service includes a series of three appointments with a dedicated expert Therapist. These appointments will enable your Therapist to create the shape and definition you want over this extended period of time.

Bold Brows £40

A bespoke brow service and consultation that will help you to achieve an impactful and bold brow look. The service includes a Brow Shape to define your arch, a Brow Tint to thicken and colour-match, plus you’ll take away a Brow Pencil so you can maintain your new brows at home.

Girl Brow £14

Keeping eyebrows full but beautifully shaped, this Brow Shape treatment is designed for our younger clients (under 18) ID required.

Microblading £500

blinkbrowbar brings to you the ancient art of Microblading to create your Dream Brows™. A form of semi-permanent makeup, the technique consists of creating fine hair like strokes into the skin with a hand held tool, which is then filled with pigment. With its precise application, Microblading creates a super natural finish that delivers long lasting results. The hand held tool allows the therapist to draw in detail on each brow simulating real hairs, and is widely regarded as the best latest technique in eyebrow semi-permanent make up.

If you want to cover gaps, define or fill-in over plucked brows or replace barely there brows, Microblading is a fantastic option. The process is not painful but you may feel slight discomfort.

The procedure is created in 3 stages:

  • The Consultation – 30 – 45 minutes, £50 (non-refundable deposit)
  • The Treatment – 2 hours, £450
  • The Top Up – 2 hours

The booking will be for your consultation which will include an eyebrow tint and thread. During this appointment you will be explained the treatment process, discuss the brow shape and colour you would like and taken through how to care for your new brows post treatment.

Start your Microblading journey with blinkbrowbar now!


Microblading is exclusively available in our Ledbury Road store.