Brow Treatments


Achieve this season’s ‘must-have’ look with our tailor made treatments.

Build-A-Brow £85

Build-A-Brow is a pioneering service that gives you your dream brows in just one treatment. Much like eyelash extensions, our Therapists apply brow extensions to the existing baby-hairs, to fill in areas and create the brow-shape and thickness you want. Bespoke to you, your Therapist will talk through what shape and thickness you want to create a completely natural finish.

Untouched Brow £25

Take the fear out of your first threading experience. A gentle session to achieve your desired finish. This treatment, designed for threading virgins includes an extended consultation with your Therapists, a Brow Shape and a Mini Brow Pencil to take home.

Brow-hab £40

If you’re in need of a brow intervention, then this service is for you! Let your Therapist remove any stray hairs and perfect your brow arch with a Brow Shape. You’ll take away a bbrowbar Brow Pencil, plus a bbrowbar Brow Oil which will nourish your brow hairs and encourage hair growth.

Brows Back on the Road £49

For blinkbrowbar virgins exclusively, achieve your dream brows with Brows Back on the Road. This service includes a series of three appointments with a dedicated expert Therapist. These appointments will enable your Therapist to create the shape and definition you want over this extended period of time.

Bold Brows £40

A bespoke brow service and consultation that will help you to achieve an impactful and bold brow look. The service includes a Brow Shape to define your arch, a Brow Tint to thicken and colour-match, plus you’ll take away a Brow Pencil so you can maintain your new brows at home.

Girl Brow £14

Keeping eyebrows full but beautifully shaped, this Brow Shape treatment is designed for our younger clients (under 18) ID required.