Male Threading


Our fast growing list of male clients are recognizing the benefits of threading.

A groom around the eyebrow zone lifts the eyes and brightens the face. Blink don’t shape to perfection but simply groom to allow males a discrete improvement to the eyezone.

Eyebrow Tidy and Trim

A quick whip across the brows to take away any strays and lift the eyes is what every man needs. No shaping involved – just a gentle groom. A fantastic anti-ageing device that lifts the eyes. It will make a world of difference to your face and no one will know.

Middle of the Brows

For those men that just have those pesky hairs in the middle, this is a quick threading treatment which will give you a more groomed look.

Eyebrow Groom

For the man that want’s everything, try our eyebrow groom service. This includes threading, a tint, and a mini-massage. A wonderful but discrete lift for the whole eye zone.

Cheek Bones, Bridge of the Nose, Neck, External Ear Lobes

We can thread just about anywhere to remove hairs. Just ask us! Areas include cheek bones, the bridge of your nose, earlobes, or the neck.

  • Eyebrow Tidy and Trim  £19
  • Middle of the Brows £5
  • Cheek Bones £10
  • Bridges of Nose £10
  • Neck £10
  • External Ear Lobes £15