Emma Watson Gets Blinked For Cannes

We love this time of year. Right after we’ve recovered from all the beautiful couture at the Met Ball, we have the Cannes red carpet. It is THE place for starlets from around the world to strike a pose for international press.

We can’t help but focus on Emma Watson, Carey Mulligan and of course Cara Delevigne’s gorgeous brows these past few nights.

Emma Watson looks absolutely radiant for the premiere of The Bling Ring. Her bold brows are perfectly penciled. Emma is actually a huge fan of Blink and was our location in Henri Bendel, in New York City, getting her brows prepped for the film festival.

We just can’t get enough of Carey Mulligan. She is this movie-season’s IT girl, and we have a brow-crush on her perfect arch. Carey looked stunning at the Great Gatsby premiere. We can’t wait to see her new film. For more see our blog post on Carey Mulligan’s Gatsby-perfect brows.

Cara Delevigne has received as much press for her brows and her gorgeous figure. She worked the Cannes red carpet opening ceremony and reminded us why we fell in love with bold brows in the first place. If you’re thinking about using one of our pencils, gels, or tinting your brows a shade darker, then go for it. And if you have any doubts think of Cara.