Looking back to 2011 there were some pretty amazing beauty advances, great and all but it was the sudden wave of beauty extreme-y that will be remembered as the breakout beauty trend.  We’re talking the Scouse brow, the pillowy cat face and the frozen-forevermore expressions, 2011 was the year natural beauty gave way to its altogether more plasticised alter-ego.  Thankfully we’re predicting 2012 beauty will go back to it’s roots, where subtle enhancements rather than the more is more school of thought will once again prevail.

Cat Club

Everybody wants to be a cat… The celebrity cat face is a turbo-charged version of the eponymous pillow face (think chipmunk cheeks) and was rife in the latter stages of last year on certain high-profile celebs. Identified by the alarmingly high feline eyes and puffy cheeks this ‘look’ occurs after being a bit heavy handed with everything– collagen, Botox, filler…

Blink Tip– Before heading down the man-made Top Cat route try going au natural by improving elasticity and tightening skins collagen by eating plenty of anti-oxidant rich foods like avocadoes, passion fruit and Brazil nuts.  Don’t forget the obvious; drinking eight glasses of water a day to keep skin supple, fresh and naturally plump.


The trend to freeze your face so much it resembled a sheet of taught Clingfilm reached an all time low when reports surfaced that girls as young as 15 were taking to ‘teen toxing’ as a wrinkle preventive, obviously missing the point that wrinkles and normal facial expressions are not the same thing. And with research suggesting early overuse of Botox can actually lead to premature ageing then we’d rather go it alone.

Blink Tip– Topical face creams and serums can mimic the tightening effects of Botox, try Bakel, Collagen Firming Formula, £85, or Strivectin, Tight Sculpt Face & Neck Cream, £79, to keep skin toned and radiant without a needle in sight.

The Scouse Brow

Our favourite extreme breakout trend for obvious reasons. Thanks Desperate Scousewives for bringing these works of art to our attention, putting brows back in the spotlight and making a style icon out of Bert from Sesame Street.  An easy, and safe, trend to reproduce, simply pencil (or paint) in eyebrows heavy and dark. 

Blink Tip– You can achieve defined brows without them dominating your whole entire face, threading them will sculpt brows into the perfect shape for your face and lasts far longer than ure tweezing efforts. To add subtle definition and fill in any gaps use Blink, Eyebrow Grooming Gel, £15 to add a hint of colour and keep any rogue hairs in place all whilst nourishing them at the same time.