Eyeing Your Prey

Eyeing your prey

Eyeing your prey

We at Blink are firm believers in the age old saying “the eyes are the window to the soul”, so make full use of them and bag the hunky specimen you’ve been eyeing up – sorry, we just couldn’t help ourselves. Aside from regularly manicuring at Blink Brow Bar, here’s our top tips on how to flirt without saying a word.

1.      Check him out top-to toe, so he knows you’re interested. To confirm your interest hold his gaze for MAXIMUM 3 seconds, any longer and you’ll channel Glen Close ‘Fatal Attraction’ rather than the intended sultry gaze.

2.      Move your eyes to his lips, and back up again- just so he knows you mean business.

3.      Now this move is only for the uber-confident and please girls, only do this if you’ve practised this move in the mirror (and don’t laugh, we have all done it) – the all important wink.

By now he should be chasing you down to grab your phone number and ahem other things, so enjoy your prize but remember only evoke the power of the gaze to the truly special, we wouldn’t want your eyes to be on the lips of every man in town.