Guess The Celebrity Eyebrow

It’s Christmas, the time of year when it suddenly seems necessary to de-cobweb your collection of board games and spend a traditional evening in with your nearest and dearest debating whether or not ‘ailurophile’ is a real word in the festive scrabble tournament, (it is, look it up).  So, in light of the Christmas gaming spirit we have come up with our own take on the Guess Who theme to create Blink’s first, but probably not last- ‘Guess The Celebrity Eyebrow’.  Simply browse, ahem, through these A-list eyebrows and then try and work out whose belong to whom.  Go forth and conquer from our pick of the good, the bad and the over plucked of the celebrity world.

Ps- Answers are below the pictures should you find your celeb brow knowledge sub par.