How to: Stress Free Christmas Beauty


Christmas is a time for lists. Present lists, cards lists, food lists and just-about-everything-else lists. And whether you’re oh so modern with your digital reminders, or – like us – prefer the old school method of putting pen to (Smythson notepad) paper, lists are the modern gal’s way to get through the season relatively stress-free.

So in the spirit of minimum fuss, maximum efficiency, we thought we’d give you a helping hand and compile the Blink Party Prep list to end all lists.

1. It’s surprising how having good skin magically makes our life less stressful and make up regimen more speedy. When ours goes into SOS mode, we love nothing more than Bobbi Brown’s Extra SPF25 Tinted Moisturiser Balm, £25 ( Let it double up as your moisturiser and UV protectant by applying it pre make up – then pat it on at the end of the day to wake up your skin before you head into the night.

2. Never underestimate the power of a girlish blush to take years off your face – and fake several hours more sleep. Maybelline’s Dream Soft Blush in Apricot, £6.49 ( melts into ashen cheeks and highlights temples and brow bones for when you need to get your glow on.

3. So you’ve been feeling a little worse for wear ever since the night before the night before. Which is precisely why smart party hoppers pop Sprayology’s Party Relief, £25 ( into their handbags. Containing a secret blend of homeopathic wonder workers, it’ll quell those waves of nausea, support your tired liver and boost your energy levels to set you straight before another night out on the town.

4. Really though, when it comes to party season, we firmly believe it’s the eyes that have it. Tired, sensitive eyes can so easily be scratched by regular eye pencils. Which is why our Intense Kajal Liner, £13 is so genius. Packed full of olive and jojoba oil, it slides onto the lash line, soothes sensitive skin – and smudges into something smoky and sultry.

5. And the finishing touch? It has to be a party-perfect set of lashes. Knowing how much you love our existing array of strip lashes, we thought we’d give you an early Christmas present and created three new, eye popping sets to make youe party season go with an extra swing. Even better, we’ll even apply them for free when you purchase – so you can head straight on out in style.

  • Taking their cue from the ‘60s references that ruled the AW catwalks, are the Twiggy lashes. As an ode to the swinging sixties icon, they’re long, full and make eyes oh-so-wide.
  • Sparkling is always in style at Christmas. So give your eyes a light-reflecting glimmer, the Sparkle set come with diamantes studs at the base.
  • For something that’s cute, girlish and suits all eye shapes, we just love the Dolly. Pop these on with your Maybelline blush and you’ll look as fresh as daisy – even in the hours of the morning.