Not technically Blink territory, but a well maintained moustache is certainly worthy of some attention. For those of you wondering why there are more moustachioed men wondering the streets than usual, it’s because this is the month of Movember – a time when men adorn their faces with handlebars and horseshoes in an attempt to raise money and awareness of male cancers. We’ve caught up with Murdock’s Head Barber Alex Glover and Movember participant Andy Marsh for the low-down on life under the mo’

Alex Glover: Head Barber, Murdock at Liberty (Murdock London)

Alex Glover, Murdock LondonWhich product would you suggest using to keep your moustache in top shape?

Clubman for styling and Captain Fawcett for fragrance”

In your experience, what’s the most popular moustache style?

“Probably the handlebar…it’s the most classic”

Can you recommend a good moustache comb?

Kent. They’re the best bush and comb manufacturers in the world and also known for their handmade bristle brushes”

On average how long does it take to grow a good moustache?

“Normally about 2-3 months”

Any top tips for moustache maintenance?

“Keep the lip line clean, grow it for a little while and then seek professional advice”

Freddie Mercury or Poirot?


Andy Marsh – Movember participant

Andy MarshWould you consider keeping your moustache after Movember is over?

“Yes. I find the style suits my face. It makes me feel more distinguished”

How long does it take you every morning to perfect the perfect handlebar?

“5 minutes to apply the wax and comb it and another few minutes to twist the ends”

What’s your moustache inspiration?

“Gentlemen from the Victorian era ranging to the 1940s”

Has having a moustache influenced the way you dress?

“Half and half…the two things influenced each other. The direct ratio would be the height of my trousers to the length of my moustache!”

Do people react differently to you now?

“They certainly comment on it. I think it gives me an air of authority”

Who’s your ultimate moustache idol?

“George Orwell”