Peel Away The Years

The shock revelation last week that Jennifer Aniston does not actually drink from the fountain of eternal youth – as all actresses in Hollywood seemingly do – but actually had a chemical peel (insert mock horror here) has us still reeling. For all of you unfamiliar, a chemical peel is exactly as it sounds – a chemical applied to the face to make the first few layers peel off to reveal a youthful albeit taught and slightly pained appearance. For those who don’t want to spend a few weeks looking like a Hammer Horror extra may we suggest some less aggressive facials that will leave you looking fresh rather then fried.

1) Vitamin C Facial

One of the more helpful members of the antioxidant family, Vitamin c plays a vital role in diminishing the effects of ultra violet light damage accumulated with every passing summer. Book into the Cowshed Spa for their vitamin c facial and leave looking radiant, luminous and even a bit firmer.

2) Jurlique Herbal Revitalise Facial

One of the more high performance facials to boost radiance and although that’s what we like to hear what we really like about this treatment is being enveloped and pampered in the five star treatment room at The Agua Spa, Sanderson Hotel.

3) Bespoke facials

Book into the Away Spa at the W hotel and have a one-on-one consultation with your beautician leaving your skin dilemmas with the professionals.