Tried & Tested: KeraStraight

It’s a well known story; on each and every trip to the hairdresser you stare in awe at the skilled stylist in the mirror and convince yourself that one day you too will weald a hairbrush and blow-dryer with similar dexterity. Unfortunately, once you’ve parted with your hard earned money and bounced out of the salon with a head full of beautifully sculpted curls, this resolution somehow falls to the wayside and within a weak it’s back to the time-honoured scarecrow look that often accompanies a GHD-happy hair regime.

In light of such a predicament, we were pretty excited when we discovered KeraStraight at the Show Space Re-Treat event. Lasting up to four months, this treatment is ideal for those of us with little-to-no hairdressing aptitude. Hair is first washed with a special pre-treatment shampoo before a thick moisture mask is applied from root to tip. The mask is then blow-dried into the hair for about 15-20mins, before being washed out, dried and styled. Three weeks after the treatment and we can still feel a difference, our long locks looking well nourished and shiny. We could go into the science behind the product but we won’t…all you really need to know is that it works. Oh and it contains 24carrat gold for those magpies among you.